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Simple Ways to Make Money as an Artist

If you are an artist the world has probably deemed you as unemployable. However, times are changing now; artists do not need to starve for the prevalence of their love for what they do. The shifting entertainment industry now highly recommends artists to take up the job of creating visually impactful content that transpires across […] More

How to conduct yourself in the casino

A casino visit is one of the things many of us look forward to. From the outside, your imagination is wowed by the glowing glass architecture brilliance while the tales of casino-made millionaires fill our hearts with optimism. Such optimism can be dampened in a matter of minutes (or even seconds!) however if one fails […] More

Create Hair Accessories with Your Own Jewellery

It is always the season to get away with stepping up one’s style and going out of the comfort zone. The perfect way to do so is to indulge in experimental hairstyles. While this may seem a hard task to many, in actuality, it hardly is! By using jewellery that is lying in a closet, […] More

Tips For Maintaining Your Chimney

If you have a fireplace in your home, you should always maintain your chimney to prevent residential chimney fires from breaking out. Indeed, around the country every year, thousands of chimney fires are caused by debris or blockages in chimneys or fireplaces which have not been maintained correctly or safely. Therefore, you should carry out […] More

How to Care for and Maintain Your Kitchen’s Stone Flooring

The way you care for your stone flooring depends on the type of stone and the current condition of the stone.  Types of Stone There are two general classifications of stone, Siliceous Stone and Calcareous Stone. More

How to Create a Serene Backyard Oasis to Enjoy This Summer

Summer gives homeowners a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and their backyard to its fullest. With that said, all too often the backyard isn’t a serene getaway at all and doesn’t have a designated purpose. Unfortunately if that’s the case, the yard is underused and its full potential isn’t realized. So […] More

Stylish Jewellery Trends for 2018

If you are fashion conscious and are wondering about this spring and summer, if would like to get an insight into the coming UK fashion trends, this article was written with you in mind. A combination of A-Listers and social media exposure creates new looks all the time, and this year, the word is that […] More

3 Easy Ways of Adding Luxury to Your Life

Living a life of luxury is one that always seems to break the bank. Whether it be glamorous interiors, vacations in paradise, or the very clothes you have on your back, it sometimes seems as if there is no affordable way of living a life that oozes opulence. Though image isn’t everything, luxury is also […] More

How a Pack ‘n Play Can Help You Save Time for Your Hobbies

They say you should abandon all your hobbies once a baby girl or boy comes into your family. The common reason is the lack of time, as you need to watch the child constantly, calm her or him down, and devote half of your day to running around the house in search of bottles, wipes, […] More

A slip of a thing: the return of the day dress

They’re easy to wear, elegant, and transition well into the evening. What’s not to like about day dresses? More