4 Reasons Luxury Paper Bags Work Well with Beauty Products

Paper bags come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and you can even choose between different handle types and finishes to get the perfect option. That’s why paper bags can take on a luxurious look that’s a far cry from the basic brown bag you might see in a supermarket.

As such, luxury paper bags can be a great choice if you sell beauty products. Here are just four reasons why.

  1. Premium Feel

Beauty products should be considered premium items, and premium items should be matched with premium packaging. For instance, you might have an online business reselling beauty and wellness products wherein you buy wholesale essential oils or moisturizers and sell them as is online. In that case, you can pack those products in a good quality paper bag and ship them to the customers. Well, they aren’t going to be impressed when you hand over whatever they’re picking up to treat themselves with inside a cheap and basic bag. By handing over your beauty products in more luxurious bags, you’re increasing the perceived value of your business and your products.

  1. Perfect Weight and Strength

Some beauty products can be relatively heavy. When several are bought at once, the bag needs to be strong enough to take everything without ripping or sagging. Luxury paper bags work well; most are laminated, which makes rips and tears unlikely while ensuring a reliable distribution of weight.

  1. Versatile Style

Your business should already have strong branding – it’s what customers expect from somewhere that sells high-quality beauty products. By choosing luxury paper bags, you can reflect your business in your packaging by choosing between everything from finish type to handle material. You can also add custom printing to carry your business name, colours, logo, or message. The packaging doesn’t always have to be bags, custom designer boxes can be a great way to highlight your brand. Epic Packaging (website link) and other similar companies can help you develop the right packaging style for your products.

  1. Natural Credentials

Finally, remember that most shoppers like to connect their beauty products with something natural rather than artificial – that’s why most products taut their natural rather than artificial ingredients. Luxury paper bags strike a premium air, but they’re also nice and natural.