5 Ways to Use Round Area Rugs in Your Home

Sometimes, a hardwood floor is too beautiful to cover up, but most of the time, introducing a strategic rug into the room will liven up the place and complete a beautiful decor line. Besides, after a couple of months without a rug, a hardwood floor is bound to become a beat-up mess requiring a costly rejuvenation project. Instead, you want to embrace the aesthetics and functionality of rugs and learn how to use round rugs to elevate the aesthetic appeal of every room in your home.

From making a statement on the balcony, to defining a seating zone in the living room, all the way to designing the perfect soft landing spot beneath the bed or the bathtub, round rugs can serve many a purpose in the modern (or retro) interior. So, let’s take a look at the five best ways to use round rugs in your home.

Define zones in every room

Firstly, there is no better way to define a zone in your home, other than with furniture, than to complement the area with a round rug that will bring the entire design in and let people naturally gravitate towards it. This will also create that highly sought-after homey vibe every homeowner wants to create.

What’s more, using a round rug to define zones is an excellent way to create a healthy open-plan layout where the interior effortlessly portrays each “room” clearly, without looking cluttered, messy, or what you’ll oftentimes see – confusing.

Layer rugs like a pro

Rug layering has become an art form in its own right, and mastering it will require some research, as well as trial and error. But you don’t have time for that, so here’s what you need to know.

First off, you need a base rug, a grand foundation to set the tone of the room or a specific area such as the reading nook or the powder table. Make sure the furniture sits properly on the base rug, and if you can, introduce a wall-to-wall rug for a seamless look.

Now, for the accentuating feature, the round area rug. These work wonderfully with all types of base rugs, and the only thing you need to do is to pick your favorite color scheme and pattern. Make sure that the design of the round rug is different than the area rug, at least in color, if not material as well. Let the rug effortlessly complement the foundation and you have yourself a layered rug design.

Create the perfect landing spot

One of the best things about a beautiful round area rug is its ability to turn any spot in your home into a beautiful, comfy landing spot your feet are bound to love. Given the fact that you can find various round rug designs online, you can easily complement the overarching design of the room and introduce that homey feel into the setting as well.

This can be anything from a comfy standing spot in the kitchen next to the sink or the island, or a cozy landing spot beneath the bathtub, all the way to a cushiony morning greeting as you make that first step out of bed and into an amazing day. What a way to wake up!

Provide a striking contrast to the foundation

There is no denying that a neutral foundation can create the perfect canvas for future decorating, and allow numerous accents to define the aesthetics of the room. This is why round artisan rugs work so well with white or off-white walls and carpets, as they can provide a striking contrast to any area in the room and create a beautiful focal point.

Add symmetry to the room

Last but not least, the human eye enjoys symmetry, and no matter if you love minimalism or maximalism in your home, you want the interior to portray a symmetric decor line that will soothe and please the naked eye. You can achieve this with furniture, but also with complementary carpeting.

Some areas in your home will be rectangular, and they should be accentuated with a rug boasting the same shape. And others, such as a round dining table or a round seating area, should be accentuated with a comfy round area rug. To make this work, though, the rug needs to be sized properly in order to fit all furniture pieces well within its bounds.


Quite simply, a round rug is an amazing piece of decor every home should have. It serves an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose and it can be used to accentuate, deconstruct, challenge, and enrich every setting and every design. With that in mind, let an amazing area rug enrich your life as well.