7 Interesting Uses of Conservatories

Conservatories make an brilliant addition to a home no matter what the use; whilst you can’t go wrong with a classic conservatory there are many options to add an extra dimension to your home. Here are seven ways you can make the most out of your new addition.

Dining Room 

Conservatories can be perfect for entertaining. The natural light combined with the generous potential space will create a great atmosphere for a great dining experience. A glass dining table will add to the open feel of this room. Additionally a patio door will allow for effortless flow between garden and house during barbecues. To add to the aesthetic of the divide between outside and inside, there are stackable sliding doors from Doors Plus that may be appealing for this use. Furthermore, there are many options for patio doors, including bifold doors, openings on hinges, glass doors, and others. A homeowner who currently has patio doors, but they are worn out might consider getting patio doors replaced by contacting professionals from https://windowsrva.com/patio-doors/ or similar others that can even install doors that are custom-manufactured.


Gyms can get busy; so a home workout option would likely bring a benefit to most people but for those who lack the space to do so, a conservatory could be the perfect option. The good ventilation and lighting will make the space feel generous and open. Easy access to the outside can also bring a welcome breeze. 

Home Office 

The location of a conservatory usually makes it less affected by the typical traffic in a house. This could make it the ideal location to work from home. The lighting will create an open cool working environment during the summer. Keep in mind that natural lighting will be reduced during the winter months, so investing in a strong floor lamp will be essential. 


Books often end up all over the house, and for the readers amongst us a designated library may a great solution. The natural light and surroundings will create a great reading environment. The Inclusion of sliding doors could add to the separation of this option adding to the chilled out feel. Also this method can easily be coupled with the previous one to create a great separated work area.

Garden Room 

Why not take advantage of the sunlight and introduce some exotic plants to your conservatory?. This adaption of a greenhouse will not get overwhelmingly hot and coupled with some naturally inspired furniture can create a great atmosphere. This choice will allow you to enjoy your garden through all weathers.

Living Room Extension 

For homes with below adequate living space a conservatory can create a light spacious area for the family to spend time in. This is one of the more traditional uses of a conservatory and may be a good way of expanding the feel of a house if the family grows.

Kitchen Extension

This option can create a more expansive cooking area; the additional lighting will create a more open feel and coupled with a island can develop the feel of a more well equipped kitchen. As the kitchen is known as being the hub of the home having a great space is a must.

It’s up to you!

Whatever use for your conservatory you land on will bring benefits to your home for years to come, for more information on how to update your conservatory check out this article.