9 Time Saving Photography Hacks

Do you love photography? Do you feel that you are spending too much time in photography and making things complicated? Are you interested in making your photography work more efficient? If so, then you need to know about a few hacks or tips to help you save time. You can save time while taking photographs and processing them later. Time saved is money saved. You will find that the savings make you effective as well as efficient.

The best photography hacks to save time

Here are 9 useful photography hacks for you. Follow them and you will find yourself saving both time and money.

1. When you shoot, opt for bulk shooting

If you are shooting pictures for blogs, you will probably shoot the pictures you want for your current blog. This leads to lot of time wasted. Choose bulk shooting. Since you probably have planned your blogs, you will know what to shoot. So, shoot all the photos in bulk and sit for editing them all together. This will save a lot of time allowing you to use the photos immediately, whenever you start writing the blog.

2. Use a sandwich cover for the hazy effect

Don’t throw away your sandwich cover after eating it. Here is a hack to help you create a great hazy effect for your photos. Wrap the cover around your camera lens such that the edges of the cover obstruct the lens view. Snap the photo and you will find a hazy effect around the edges. This is a great hack that can save you a lot of time while editing.

3. Try out a tea strainer

Would you like to take a photo of a model with the shadow of a net falling on her face? This would make for a great photo. Here’s a hack to help you do it. All you need is a tea strainer. Ensure there is sufficient light. Make the model stand near the strainer and shoot to create a net-like light effect.

4. Use Lightroom for editing

Lightroom from Adobe is a wonderful tool for editing photos. Apart from all the usual features, this photo allows for bulk editing. This can be very convenient as you can edit multiple photos together. The software allows you to create folders so you can save your files easily for quick retrieval. Free presents are available to help you edit your photos in an effective way.

5. Be ruthless and cool before editing

Most photographers take more photos than needed. It is during editing that they spend time reviewing each photo and deciding which to use. This represents a lot of wasted time. Cull the photographs from your camera even before editing. Even as you click the photo, you will know whether it is worth using or not. Even after clicking, browse the photos on your camera to identify the ones not so good. Be ruthless and delete all such photos to save time while editing.

6. Know your camera

This is by far the best tip to save time on photography. Know your camera thoroughly. Understand what you can do and what you can’t. Most importantly, know all the settings and options in your camera. Understanding all these will help you to shoot better quality photos. You can make the settings depending on the type of photo or theme of photography you have planned. Doing this will help you get the best photos and thus save time editing.

7. Use your laptop background for great effects

Here is a useful hack to get a great backdrop for your photo. Choose a great photo online from the various stock photosavailable. Zoom the photo so it appears blurred. Now place the photo object on the keyboard. Focus such that only the object and the laptop background are visible. This can create a great effect highlighting the object. This hack will be very useful for product photography.

8. Use presets for editing

Most photographers would have common actions that they do every time they edit. Create a preset for all such actions or more than one preset (for different photo types). Now instead of clicking on 6 different options to edit the photo, just click on the preset and your job is done.

9. Use a fish tank for underwater shots

If you want a great underwater shot use a fish tank. Place your camera inside the fish tank and immerse it such that water doesn’t get into the tank, Now click the photo to get a great underwater picture of the best quality.