About Poppy Arts

There is nothing more inspiring than a blank canvass – it calls to the artist and challenges them to create a masterpiece, baring their soul for the world to see.

My Story

My name is Marta Griffin and I am the creator of poppyarts.com. I extend you the warmest of welcomes to my unique website where I hope you will feel inspired by everything, arts and crafts related, that you come across during your visit here!

I live in the thriving Atlantic City, an area of the United States which is famed for its history, and most importantly, boardwalks! The area is a cultural hotspot, with so much potential for the budding artist, and it is here that I run Marta’s Creative Studio – Poppy Arts.

I have been a passionate painter for as long as I can remember, and I’m often to be found with a brush in my hand! I credit my father for my passion for art as it was he who actively encouraged me to paint in my spare time. During this time, it was also he who spotted my preference very early on for painting pictures of poppies! Without realizing it, my paintings were largely inspired by the beautiful masses of poppies that adorned the fields we would walk past every day on our way to school!

Art Was My True Calling

I raced through my school studies, eager to begin working in a local design company which had a good reputation in the area. I was desperate to start working on my own creations, and couldn’t wait to take up my seat on the team. However, after working in this industry for a few years, I knew this wasn’t the life for me. The realities of working in a design company were office bound, day in and day out, and I never got to experience the thrill of creating my own work – every line, every colour and every creation was stipulated to contract.

I felt suffocated, and it was beginning to have a negative effect on my creativity. Unable to draw and paint outside of work, I began to feel despondent and regularly found myself with artists block when I returned home. My father was the first person to notice the changes in me. Despite continuing to buy me weekly art supplies, and encourage me with trips further afield to find that inspiration again, I felt numb.

A hero throughout my childhood, my father once again came to my rescue. Sitting me down, he passed me a canvass and a brush and told me not to move until I had filled the canvass with a portrait of myself doing exactly what I thought I would be doing with my life right at that moment. Not wanting to disrespect my father, I begrudgingly agreed and set to work.

A couple of hours later, I took a step back to see a picture of myself on the canvass seated at a large desk, painting! I was in a studio surrounded by an assortment of art materials, canvass boards and palates. As I looked up from the canvass, I saw my father smiling back at me and we just nodded at one another. Of course, my ultimate dream had always been to design and create; but my own work – not that of somebody else’s vision.

I knew, as well as my father, that this picture signaled a new beginning. The very next day I got to work and within a matter of weeks, I was seated at the table of my very own art studio. The matter of what to name it was perhaps one of the easiest decisions –the first flower I had learnt to draw, and my father’s favorite of them all; a poppy. Hence, Marta’s Creative Studio – Poppy Arts was born and my story could now really begin.

Create and Inspire with poppyarts.com

I have designed this website to encourage others to share their creativity and passion, just as my father encouraged me to share mine. There are so many talented individuals in the world who just need a place to showcase their work, sharing it with like-minded people. The beauty of art is creating a piece to share with, and therefore inspire, those who view it.

poppyarts.com is the place where we can create an arts and crafting community, sharing tips, advice, guidance and knowledge. By covering everything related to our passion, from which art supplies and accessories to choose, which techniques are suited for your craft work, to what companies you would recommend for the most professional art supplies, I want this website to encourage everyone who visits it to explore their creative side.

We are all creative in our own way, sometimes we just need the help and guidance of others to give us that confidence to produce our best pieces of work…