Attic Insulation: Where to Begin

If you’re planning on converting your empty attic space into a comfy new living area? Are you installing a new heating system with a company like Air Care Heating and Cooling and want to find more ways to help heat your home? Or are you looking to reduce the amount of heat that escapes your attic?

Assessing the Room

Before you decide to install insulating material in your attic, it is important to properly assess the area. Heat is generally lost through your walls and roof, especially if they haven’t been insulated properly with materials such as spray polyurethane foam, which companies like American Foam Experts specialize in, so these are two of the best places to start when renovating or constructing a new attic. It is also important to remember that heat can also seep through cracks and holes in your floor, so you shouldn’t neglect this area during the installation process.

There are several grade A insulating materials on the market that are excellent for the job, you can install underfloor foil insulation which can also be used on your walls and ceiling. High quality underfloor foil is perfect for both solid and suspended floors, plus it works just fine in other areas of your home. It combats against moisture and helps to protect other structures from rot and degradation.

Purpose of the Attic

Before you start insulating your attic, you must first decide what you are going to use this space for. If you’re thinking about converting it into living quarters, it is imperative that you have it properly insulated, that means installing first-class multi-layered foil insulation. If you’re going to use the attic as an extra bedroom because your kids are starting to grow up and you need to give them their own space, you’ll need a room that is well heated during the winter.

One of the main problems you’ll encounter when converting your attic is keeping it protected from condensation and moisture. If you’re using the attic as an extra living space, dampness can cause all sorts of problems if it hasn’t been properly taken care of.

An attic which is being converted mainly to be used as a storage area won’t require as much attention. But, if you’re storing expensive items in your attic, you won’t want them to suffer any damage. So, you should invest wisely when purchasing insulating material.

Advantages of Conservatory Installation

The main reason why homeowners install insulation in their attic is to improve their EPC rating. Choosing to insulate your living space means you are taking steps to increase protection around your home, this in turn helps you to reduce your utility bills by reducing heat loss. By insulating key areas in your attic such as the floor, ceiling and walls, you dramatically slow down the movement of heat from one space to another.

If you are thinking about insulating your attic, it is best to leave the project until spring or summer when the weather isn’t so cold. It doesn’t only offer the contractor better working conditions, it also helps them to work more efficiently, saving you time and money. You’ll suffer less distractions and your attic will be ready in no time. If you are worried about the costs, insulation grants are available to homeowners under the ECO scheme. To find out how to qualify then why not read through Warma UK’s guide on how to qualify for an insulation grant.