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A beginners guide to fabric printing – for you and your budding fashion designer

Children love to create their own unique works of art – as testified to by any parent whose fridge and walls are covered with their child’s masterpieces.  As well a pictures and paintings, children particularly enjoy creating something which can be used or worn and so, we’ve put together our guide to a fun fabric […] More

How to make a beautiful paper bag for a home project

Arts and crafts can be a great way to pass time if you are stuck inside, and if you are using materials that you would have otherwise thrown away even better! One item that many households have lying around are paper bags. These robust products can take some beating, and the materials used in their […] More

7 Tips for DIY Christmas Cards

Forget about Hallmark greeting cards this holiday season! Yes, they are cheap and convenient. However, it does not have the same magic as a card you made yourself. With this, keep on reading and we’ll share some tips on how to make the best DIY Christmas cards. Aside from those we’ll list below, if you […] More

How to Start Earning from Your Crafts

As millennials are taking over the world, it’s no surprise that arts and crafts are becoming more popular. And we’re sure that you’ve all had a go at something. Maybe you tried making your kids some toys or using that old T-shirt as a pillowcase. As people are looking for more eco – friendly ways […] More

Best Ways To Preserve Your Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts are a beautiful way to make a gift for a loved one, upgrade a piece of old furniture, or spend some quality time with the kids especially if you have access to these simple quilt patterns. But, have you ever been rummaging through your bins and found something you made that once […] More

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Power Saw

Power saws are one tool that make handywork so much easier. While you can rent or borrow one off a friend when you need one, it’s good to have your own on hand especially if you like to do DIY or odd jobs around the house. More

Paper Bag Crafts: Easter Hunt Bags

As Easter approaches, it’s time to get planning that annual Easter egg hunt for the family. Start gathering the eggs in their buckets full and prepare for how the day’s events will go down. Children love Easter egg hunts and it’s always a time of great excitement and joy. More

4 Reasons Luxury Paper Bags Work Well with Beauty Products

Paper bags come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and you can even choose between different handle types and finishes to get the perfect option. That’s why paper bags can take on a luxurious look that’s a far cry from the basic brown bag you might see in a supermarket. More

Which Eco-Friendly Bagging Material is Right for You?

If you run a retail business, you probably need to provide shopping bags for your customers. It used to be that single-use plastic bags were the industry standard, but shops all across the globe have been steadily moving towards more eco-friendly materials. There are a wide range of options on offer, so we thought we’d […] More

4 Reasons to Use Paper Bags for the Christmas Rush

Christmas is a great time for retailers, but, let’s face it, the festive period can also be more than a little stressful. Increased footfall means more customers to deal with each day, and most of them will be a little stressed out themselves if they’ve left the Christmas shop to the last minute. As such, […] More