Choosing the perfect recliner

The perfect recliner is a great piece of furniture for any space, and finding it can be quite the task. With a lot of options available, one can easily go for an option that seems perfect but ends up being not so great. It is thus important to consider the features of a recliner against the features that make the perfect recliner. Although preferences differ, we were able to put together a list of features any great recliner should possess.


The size of a recliner is a major determining factor of how great it is, and recliners are available in various sizes. As regards size, a perfect recliner should fit one’s body as well the space allocated for it.

It is thus important to test how well a recliner will fit one’s body probably by visiting the showroom and getting a feel of the recliner before buying it. A recliner is majorly meant for relaxation, and one should be able to relax properly in their preferred recliner. A great recliner should also have features that allow adjustments for more comfort. One should also ensure that the recliner they choose provides proper support for their neck and back.

To ensure that a recliner will fit into the space that has been allocated for it, one can also measure the dimensions of the space and compare with those of the chair.


The goal with a recliner should be to make maximum use of it. Durability is a major factor to consider while getting a recliner. Research has established that the perfect recliner should be used for an average of ten years, even with regular use.

Features that can tell the durability of a recliner include the type of fabric used, the quality of leather as well as wood and the finishing.   If you are a vaper for example, you will be better suited to pick a leather recliner as they are easier to clean.  Check the site of popular recliner makers if you need more info.


Since the recliner is going to be part of other furniture and items in a space, it is important to consider how it will fit into the style of the space where it will be kept. A comfortable and durable recliner will be less appreciated if it makes a space look different in a way that is not flattering.

While deciding on the perfect recliner, it is important to consider the style, especially as a recliner is a significant piece of furniture which could make or mar the style of a space.

One could go for sophistication, modernity or a classic style that is ageless. Whatever the preference is, it is important to note style when choosing the perfect recliner.

The tips highlighted above should lead you to the perfect recliner. The available types of recliners include wall-hugger recliners, rocker recliners, massage recliners and the lift chairs. There are also classic options which one can go for when they are lost for ideas as long as they are the perfect size and provide maximum comfort.

Comfort should be the major determining factor when choosing a recliner, and the tips highlighted above will lead you to a recliner that provides a lot of comfort, fits into one’s style and is durable.