Here’s why you should choose hardwood decking for your garden

Hardwood decking is a great addition to your back or front garden space, offering a solid and attractive area to lounge, dine or simply relax.

Outdoor decking areas are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your outside space and require little maintenance compared to grass areas.

Decking can be made out of many materials, but here the benefits of choosing hardwood decking for your home:

Perfect for gardens on a slope

Hardwood decking is easy to build on a sloped garden and has the ability to neaten the whole area up, turning it in to a beautiful space that blends in well with the natural colours in the garden.

Hardwood decking is durable 

Native hardwoods make the perfect material for use on decking thanks to their natural resistance to damage from insects. Hardwood decking is usually sealed or pressure treated which helps it last longer and retain its beauty.  

Hardwood is generally more resistant to scratches and marks too, making it the perfect choice for families with pets or any heavy outdoor furniture.

Increases the home’s value 

Having hardwood decking in your garden could help to increase the value of your home, particularly if it is maintained well.  Decking makes a property more attractive and offers a fantastic outdoor space that will appeal to potential buyers should you wish to move home.