How Often Should You Schedule A Drain Cleaning Service?

You are probably not giving your drain the attention it deserves until it starts to malfunction. Sometimes, having a busy schedule is one of the reasons drain cleaning gets lost in the mix of other jobs you are trying to juggle. While it is a simple oversight, the lack of maintenance can have a serious impact on the overall performance of your drain. Not cleaning your drain regularly can have a serious risk not only to your safety but also to your health. That’s why calling a drain cleaning service such as Sharp Plumbing & Heating’ Plumber in Natick, or wherever you are located, should be one of the top jobs on your list after reading this page. 

You are using your drains every day. With that said, you might not be fully aware of the things that fall into them. The pipes could be filled with soap, hair and even food particles. Without drain cleaning, these things will start building up over time. When your drains become completely blocked, you can expect more serious damage to your plumbing. Before long you will be in need of a plumbing company website such as and many more you can find online. Prevention is always better than cure. You can prevent costly plumbing repairs or replacement if you follow some best practices.

How often should you clean your drains?

There are many recommendations on how often you should schedule drain cleaning service. However, most of these advices are conflicting. It is important that you make a research so you will have an idea whether weekly, quarterly, or monthly cleaning is necessary. In most cases, monthly cleaning is the best option because you get to maintain your drains without worrying about conflicting schedules. 

Considering cleaning as a weekly task may not be a sustainable practice. Any tasks that you have to perform on a weekly basis can be such a pain. If cleaning your drain on a weekly basis is not a convenient option, quarterly cleanings are its exact opposite. Since this option is something that you do not do frequently, forgetting to do it is just so easy. Something might come up that will lead to forgetting your maintenance schedule. Cleaning your drains is best done every month so you can set a schedule that works for you. 

Why make drain cleaning a regular habit?

Major plumbing problems are due to lack of drain cleaning. A minor issue can become a serious one if you take maintenance for granted. If you have small blockages, you should call a plumber to inspect your pipes and fix the problem right away. Not properly addressing the problem can make a small drainage problem threatening. When a drainage issue takes a toll on your plumbing, you can experience a sewage backup which requires thousands of dollars to repair. Drain blockage is due to the buildup of fat, soap and grease. When they accumulate within your pipes over time, water will have trouble flowing smoothly through your pipes. Not to mention, emergency plumbing is not cheap – you might even need replacements if you have it left it so long that it is damaged beyond repair. Luckily you can find a plumber arvada colorado area, or wherever you are located to schedule a check up on your drains. 

With a clogged drain, you will not be able to perform a variety of tasks. Preventative cleaning can prevent serious plumbing damage. While monthly cleaning is ideal, it is imperative that you watch out for signs of drain blockage. If your drains are blocked, you might need to schedule an early cleaning service. A slow drain is one of the signs that there is something wrong with your drains. 

The long-term benefits of drain cleaning

One of the obvious benefits of regular drain cleaning is having an efficient drain. If you are using your sink or toilet, you do not have to worry about water standing in your drain. Clean drains keep clogs and blockages at bay. Frequent cleaning also extends the lifespan of your plumbing system. As leaks can be bring you headaches, frequent drain cleaning will reduce the risk of plumbing leakages. 

The reason your plumbing system can be prone to leakages is because of blockages inside your pipes can cause the materials of your plumbing system to corrode. The corrosion can damage your pipes. The only way that you can address the problem is by hiring a plumbing professional. Steve’s Plumbing, LLC – Plumbers in Everett are one of many experienced professionals who can attend to such serious issues. Keeping your pipes clean can effectively reduce the chances of damage while also extending the life of your pipes. 

When a plumber checks and cleans your drains regularly, any other underlying issues will be immediately addressed before they become a serious problem. If plumbers find out that your pipes are deteriorating, or your drains are improperly ventilated, these issues will be brought to your attention for necessary actions to be taken immediately. Maintenance gives you peace of mind because you get to detect problems before they get worse.