Is teak wood good for outdoor furniture?

When you are trying to buy good quality furniture the material that it is made of is often one of the best ways to tell if an item is a quality or more targeted to the budget range. Wooden garden furniture may appear similar in terms of quality and price, but the type of timber used in the furniture’s production has a big impact on how long it will last, the type of treatment it will need, and the way it will weather over time.

In today’s blog, we try to work out if teak is really good for the outdoor furniture of your garden. We look at teak outdoor furniture and how it competes in a range of categories including price, style, and durability. In short, it is best to research the different outdoor furniture materials there are to see what will be better for you.

  1. How expensive is teak outdoor furniture?

Timber often comes in at a more premium price point when compared to plastic alternatives. Teak is no exception. If you buy teak outdoor furniture you will have to pay a premium as the timber is very high quality and makes very attractive furniture. Whilst there are cheaper options out there for timber-based furniture teak gives you strength, durability, and style. This is one of the reasons why it will last a long time.

  1. How long will teak outdoor furniture last?

Teak outdoor furniture performs very well in weathering and splintering tests. The high price the timber comes at means it will last for years to come provided you give it the proper treatment and protection. If you want to get the most durable teak furniture make sure you avoid the sapwood, whilst good this is not as strong as the heartwood which provides the strongest timber for your outdoor furniture.

If you want to help keep your teak furniture in good condition for the maximum length of time make sure you keep it inside during the winter months or at least covered and away from the elements. This will help protect the surface of the wood and keep it in the best possible condition.

  1. Is teak outdoor furniture worth the money?

So now we come to the final question, is teak outdoor furniture worth the premium price tag? Well, the short answer is yes. The strength of the timber combined with the great overall look makes it popular amongst many consumers and a great addition to your garden.

Another great benefit of buying teak outdoor furniture is you are buying a product you can resell in the future. Teak furniture tends to hold its value which is great if you are ever caught short and need to sell some assets for a quick turnaround.

Ask these three questions and you will have your answer

Teak outdoor furniture is very popular amongst those with higher disposable incomes who are looking to upgrade the furniture in their garden. The high price is justified through strong durability and attractive weathering. Just make sure if you want to maintain the natural initial look of the timber that you provide the correct treatment to keep the colouring and texture the same.