Luvanto Over Laminate: How to Compare

If you are confused about the overall differences between laminate flooring and vinyl flooring as to which provide a cheaper alternative to stone or hardwood flooring, then look no further than this right here. Although they tend to resemble each other as well as the genuine article, there are some differences between the two that are a stark contrast to consider before parting with your hard-earned cash.

As to which differences that you should know about prior to your decision depends totally on your specific need. Some may find that Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is better suited over a laminate product and that is what we are here to determine.

Material World

As you may know, laminate flooring contains 99% of natural wood topped with resin. This is a big difference as vinyl flooring is 100% synthetic manufactured from hard plastics. This easily bridges the gulf between each product.

Vinyl also has incredible wear layers that are manufactured within eco friendly and green environment plants, which goes a long way to ensure a product fully compliant with today’s environmental standards and provides peace of mind for those environmentally conscious households. Now whilst both flooring offers up similar design patterns, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring provides an edge on palettes and tones throughout the designs.

Resistance to All Factors

It has to be stated that laminate flooring’s design offers up no resistance to moisture whatsoever, which will allow water to seep through to underflooring. Obviously, this can end up resulting in potential rot over a short period of time.

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring offers up a higher resilience towards moisture that has no weakness when it comes to leaks, making it ideal for high humidity and water risk areas such as a bathroom or kitchen. These areas are not recommended spots for laminate flooring solutions.

The Comfort Test

If you tend to walk around barefoot throughout the home, laminate flooring does offer a comfortable surface and a warmer welcome to those winter months.

Luvanto also offers the same within the added bonus of being a perfect companion to underfloor heating, resulting in no rising in planks or tiles with changes in temperature.

Which is the Most Durable?

When it comes to the durability tests, you will find that both Luvanto and Laminate hold equal footing in this area.

However, when in consideration for areas where heavy foot traffic is an everyday occurrence, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is the recommended option due to the plastic incorporated into the design. Highest quality laminate flooring can still be selected for high traffic zones but is not guaranteed to offer the same protections over time as vinyl flooring.

Which is Easier to Install?

Providing you follow instructions provided by a professional installation company, both laminate and vinyl are easy to install by yourself as a DIY project. It must be stated though that if the job is a complicated design then you should hire a professional to handle it instead.

If you fancy a nice little excursion within the house then vinyl provides a potential fun experiment within their home, but if you are among the people who choose tiles then you will need to be sure to go by instructions around adhesive guidelines to successfully lay their floor correctly.

Is Any of Them Cheaper?

With regards to overall costs both laminate and vinyl flooring have similar prices, so the focus tends to shift towards the overall satisfaction of the quality, aesthetic appearance and a few other factors in order to justify which one is worthy of your hard-earned moolah.

Many homeowners feel assured that in choosing Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring that it is the cheaper method that is easy to install and maintain, with the added protective factors that laminate does not provide.

Therefore, if your flooring comes down to overall quality, Luvanto Endure Pro and Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring just pushes ahead as the smarter investment in flooring.