Moving/Packing Checklist

The process of moving to a new location in an organized manner requires a lot of patience and focus. However, if you follow a few simple steps during various phases, you can stay organized every step of the way

Early Preparation Phase

All steps during the early preparation phase should be done two months in advance. Throughout this phase, you’ll need to:

  • Sort: The sorting process involves picking and arranging products that may require special packing methods. For example, if you have delicate or fragile items, you must arrange these products away from the other items. Then, you should consider whether or not these products will need extra insurance or unique packaging.
  • Research: When researching various moving companies, always request an estimate. Most companies are happy to give you a quote for this. For instance, those looking to ship their car when they move can look now to find a quote for that. Research can also help you get a USDOT number and other things that may be needed in order to successfully move in your state.
  • Use binders: Binders are important because they can help you organize your receipts. You can also use binders to organize and compare estimates.

Equipment Gathering Phase

A few weeks before the moving day, you’ll need to gather some valuable supplies. Along the way, you may need to:

  • Buy supplies: Since certain products could damage or shuffle after they’re organized in a box or container, you’ll need to purchase suitable packing supplies for different items. The most commonly used supplies are bubble wrap sheets and foam pieces because they keep delicate and durable items secured on rough roads.
  • Cook frozen food: Many perishable items can make organizing routines tougher if they spoil. This is why you should try to cook all frozen foods before organizing canned goods and other items in boxes.
  • Use all cleaning products: Cleaning products that have been opened could spill after they’re stored in boxes. If you want to avoid replacing soaked boxes that have chemical stains, simply use all partially filled cleaning products and only store sealed products in the moving containers.

Moving Phase

During the moving phase, you’ll need to tackle a few easy tasks. To avoid problems and stay organized, you must:

  • Confirm the arrangements: Most companies offer different prices to move certain items. By confirming the costs and the arrangements, you won’t have to make changes in order to complete different moving objectives.
  • Pack: All packing should be done strategically by organizing products that you don’t use frequently. Products that are very expensive must be packed together, and they should be insured. Products that are not of use to you anymore could be removed with the help of skip bins sydney or elsewhere.
  • Label: Labels will help you find everything when it’s time to unpack the boxes. When making labels, use a practical font that’s easy to read so that the movers will know which boxes contain fragile items.

Don’t have the time to do everything yourself? Don’t feel bad, moving can be a very intense situation. You can simplify the process by using a professional packing service. Professional packing teams fully understand how to pack various large and small items in an organized manner. Everybody can use a help hand now and again.