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Why I Would Like You to Write for My Website

When I first began my career as an artist, I was aware of the often-solitary presence we artists tend to create in our working environments. However, when it comes to showcasing our talents, we must involve others and get involved ourselves as we search for an audience who will appreciate our work.

I originally created to begin showcasing my own work through the studio. But, when other artists started showing interest in the website, I quickly realised that I had to make this a place where other budding artists could showcase their talents too.


    When hit the 11,800-unique monthly visitor mark, I just knew I had the makings of a thriving creative community – and I wanted everyone to be able to share in its success.

    I would love every one of my visitors to actively contribute to my blog. So, if you would like to be a part of the talent on this progressive website, have a look through the current posts the blog showcases and contact me below with your uniquely inspired idea for your own post. The community is just waiting to read your contribution.

    What Needs from Its Guest Blog Posts

    If you feel you could contribute to my blog, there is simply one requirement that I ask of you before you submit: that you have a passion for all things arts and crafts! I have no rules on structure, formats, spelling choices or what style to adhere to, that is not what creativity is about.

    What I do need from every one of my blog posts though is the obvious passion that you have when you write about a subject. When you create a piece of art work, you put your heart and soul into its construction in the hopes that it will give something of pleasure back to those who view it – and this is the exact same mantra that I need applying to the blog posts on

    If you are passionate about the subject you are writing on, your experience and expertise, or even lack of it, is not in question – it is merely what you can offer in way of inspiration to the wider community.

    Popular Topics That Visitors to The Website Would Like to See

    This is a small list of the topics which all visitors to the website are eager to read more about. Although, I’m aware that because the subject of arts and crafts is huge, there will be many more topics that I haven’t listed. If you have anything to add to this list, I would thoroughly encourage you to get in touch and suggest some others:

    • Arts
    • Basket Weaving
    • Crafts
    • Crochet
    • Design
    • Floral Design
    • Home Décor
    • Knitting
    • Lifestyle
    • Macramé
    • Music
    • Painting
    • Photography
    • Psychology
    • Street Arts

    Current Popular Article Titles Most Requested  

    As well as the above topics, I have noticed over the many months of working on my blog, that there is a trend for certain titles that are requested more than others on the website. I have whittled the most popular title suggestions down to the following few, hopefully as a way of encouraging you to see for yourself exactly what it is visitors are looking for:

    What equipment do I need to buy to take good quality photographs?

    What is the best prepping method for a canvass board?

    Where are the most reputable places to buy all my arts and crafts supplies from?

    How can I use my passion for design and creativity in my own home?

    How can I create the prefect floral centre piece for a special occasion?

    The Audience That Your Blog Post Will Reach

    This website has an extensive range of visitors that look to it every month for inspiration. The community that access the blog of do so in the hopes of finding something which can inspire them, offer them a new or fresh perspective on something current, or alternatively just find a good quality written piece that they can read at their leisure.

    Basically, all visitors to this blog want to access quality written blog pieces that they know are written by similar and like-minded individuals who want to share their own experience and expertise, enhancing and fulfilling the lives of their creative community members.

    Write and Publish Your Post Here for Further Acknowledgment

    If you can provide me with a good quality blog post, I have no problems with giving you a small shout out on my website, as a way of thanking you for your input into the wider creativity community of I will ensure that anybody who contributes to the website will have the opportunity to take credit for their piece, as well as providing a small bio to the audience about themselves and their achievements, linking to their own creative work where possible.

    This community is all about helping one another; and what better way to do this than acknowledging the people who contribute to its development!

    How to Submit a Guest Post to My Blog

    Now for the easy part! If you have an inspirational idea which you just know would benefit visitors to this blog, take the first steps towards publishing it by contacting me first to quickly discuss where the piece would be best suited on the website, and then we can take it from there.

    It really couldn’t be any easier to submit your words of wisdom to the community of I don’t require you to get involved in any of the technical aspects of the process; you can leave that all up to me! I just want your valuable advice in the form of a practical and relevant guest blog post which both myself and 11,800 unique visitors can read and be further inspired by.

    Contact me directly by using the contact form below to discuss the ways you can write and publish your post here, thus further helping this wonderful community.