This Paper Bag Trend is actually rather good

When I was researching some options for decorating my new home, I came across something that seemed rather unusual at first – but then it started to grow on me.

So what is this mysterious trend?

Paper Bag Flooring

People have been laying paper bags down onto their floor in a Papier Mâché style and then covering it with ripped paper bags or paper rolls.

To get the lovely concrete-like affect you crimple up the paper before you glue it down, so the wrinkles that you attain from crimpling it get stuck there and it creates a gorgeous rustic effect.

Once you’ve glued the paper down to the floor in the desired style can then stain the paper any colour you desire and then lay polyurethane over the top to seal it.

Paper Bag Countertops

People also do this for their countertops, creating a lovely surface to work upon and to add to the look of their home.

This method can be done really cheaply and offers a strong and sturdy alternative to expensive options such as wood, carpet or even concrete flooring.

Buy paper bags in bulk and do your whole home or some specific rooms for an extremely low cost.