Top Décor Tips for the Win

Home décor speaks volumes about one’s personal take on life. As such, many people strive to ensure that they create environments that speak out about the things they treasure the most. However, given the fact that we are subjected to so many influences in our daily lives, at times, picking one particular theme can be a particularly hard task to accomplish.

Of course, there’s always the temptation to impress others through our furniture purchases, but, it’s always wise to stay within budget restrictions without being overly frivolous. While an argument could be made that most fabulous things don’t come on the cheap, it’s also true that a little searching could also yield fantastic results. There are many gems to be found on sites like Frugalfabulousfinds.Com.

Keep a List

Having a list of items that one is on the lookout for helps ensure that the information always stays by the fingertips. In order to keep proper inventory, there’s no harm in embracing technology. Handy apps like Evernote can ensure that one stays organized and always has the all the information just a swipe away. Certain specifics like measurements and other dynamics can easily get saved on digital services too.

Buy for the Present, and Future

Updating one’s catalog of household items should not be done haphazardly. A lot of thought needs to go in the planning of the entire process. It’s always important to consider every item’s versatility. While one thing may be perfect for one setting, and in the here and now, would it still serve justice a couple of years down the road? An even better way to look at it is by considering if it will still be necessary should one decide to move house.

To really ensure that one gets the best out of every deal, a good eye for detail is recommended. That way, one is able to check on things like quality of construction, color ways, the timelessness of a piece and specific dimensions just to ensure that all items purchased are quality and can last the test of time.


Trends come and go every now and then. Importantly, there are those that stick through the times and become accepted as the norm. With this in mind, it’s never a wise move to go for the flashy and trendy stuff right after they come out. Exercising some caution when it comes to this is instead the better move.

That said, if one really wants to re-invigorate their living quarters and add a hint of freshness, then, there’s no harm in introducing small fragments of trendy items like hardware, a new coat of paint for a new lease of life and a couple of throw pillows just for good measure.

High Curtains

Typically, most curtains are hang right above windows. When the setup is changed and the curtains are hung much higher, say an inch above the ceiling, the room automatically lights up. Longer curtains tend to open up spaces by making rooms appear larger than they actually are. The high curtains also add a luster of dramatic cascades to the floor.