Ways to Design a Small Bathroom

Every day here in RoomSketcher we see thousands of small bathroom design projects, floor plans and renovation plans, from around the world. One of the largest projects that we see folks struggle with the worst is small bathrooms. Just because they are called small doesn’t mean that they should be poorly designed or even taken for granted. They can actually be some of the easiest projects to complete and will end up being the highlight of the remodel.

The first thing that you should know about when tackling a small bathroom design project is that there are two things to think about. The first one is space. How much room do you really have for the size of the project? Some small bathrooms design ideas that work well include putting in a pedestal sink that has no counter, installing a wall mounted shower and tiling the walls. The idea with this type of layout is to keep the walls close together and utilize as much wall space as possible.

The other consideration that comes to mind with small bathroom design ideas is the utilization of space. How can you utilize the small space that you have? Well, one solution is to use a large mirror on the ceiling that frames the tub and shower. By doing this, you can utilize the full height of your ceiling. If your frame of the mirror is larger, then consider replacing it with a smaller one that will provide more frame and more space.

Another great idea for small bathroom design ideas is to use a vanity with limited space. While this isn’t always possible, you can have a vanity that takes up the majority of the bathroom area and leaves enough wall space for your towels and toiletries. I love this idea because it gives me so much more space in my bathroom. By having the vanity on the wall, I no longer need to have a vanity cabinet. I can store all my items under the sink area and only have to display a couple of items in this single unit.

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, I like to have a large one that faces the front of the vanity. This is a great way to make the illusion of a larger bathroom without actually having one. With this type of mirror, the mirror is actually in the middle of the ceiling and it looks like the rest of the bathroom is filled with mirrors. So by using this type of mirror, you are not filling your bathroom with mirrors but rather, an illusion of having a lot of mirrors. You don’t want to go out and spend a fortune on a bunch of mirrors that aren’t exactly proportioned to the size of your bathroom.

Towels are a large part of any bathroom and sometimes it can be hard to find quality towels that are affordable. However, there are some tricks that you can use to help you buy high quality towels without a lot of work. Instead of trying to balance your budget, try saving up money on the fancy towels that you really want but are too expensive to buy on your own. By saving up, you can afford the more expensive towels and they still look great.