4 Reasons to Use Paper Bags for the Christmas Rush

Christmas is a great time for retailers, but, let’s face it, the festive period can also be more than a little stressful. Increased footfall means more customers to deal with each day, and most of them will be a little stressed out themselves if they’ve left the Christmas shop to the last minute. As such, you need to think about how to make things easier on both them and you. Here’s how stocking paper bags makes that happen.

  1. Option for Festive Colours

The great things about paper bags is that you can order them in plenty of different designs, so why not go a little Christmassy? You could simply stick to festive colours like red and green, or you can brand your bags with a Christmas message. This is a great way to entertain customers and create a positive impression of your business that lasts all the year round. Some customers will even end up using Christmas-themed bags as gift bags for their presents.

  1. Old-School Charm

Christmas is a time when people tend to like a few traditional touches. Plastic bags don’t really offer that old-school feel like paper bags. Even switching to plain brown can help get people in the Christmas spirit, especially if you’re selling more traditional gifts. Paper bags go much better with Christmas decorations and good bottles of Whiskey than single-use plastic bags.

  1. Cost-Effective

You might agree that switching over to different bags for the Christmas period is a good idea but feel a little unnerved about spending more. However, you don’t need to worry. Even branded paper bags are a very cost-effective packaging option, and you can simply store them for use next year if you don’t get through your order during Christmas 2018.

  1. Easy to Store on the Counter

Plastic shopping bags stack perfectly flat on your counter, so you can whip one out in seconds and open it up without having to find the ends along the opening. That might not sound so important, but it’s going to be a real advantage when you have a long line of customers waiting for service. Every second counts during the Christmas shopping rush!