Being Creative with a Small Garden

If you have a small garden, it is easy to feel restricted with what you can do to make it look amazing. However, with the right planning and right purchases and some creative thinking and ideas, you can do something special with even a small garden that will transform it into a stunning complement to your home. Whether you look into getting a custom fire pit insert, a swimming pool or even just a BBQ – a small outdoor space can be transformed! In the following post, to give you some help, we will discuss some great tips for being creative with your small garden.

Use Wooden Pallets as Furniture

Are you a bit handy when it comes to DIY projects? Even if it’s not your strong point, there are plenty of tutorials and videos online that can show you how you could turn wooden pallets into garden furniture. Yes, we mean those wooden pallets that you would normally find in warehouses. They are normally made to a very high standard from good quality timber, and thanks to their design, are very appealing and durable choices for furniture.

Make Your Fence Stand Out

Do you have a little picket fence or a larger fence around your garden, or are thinking about getting one (if the latter is the case, you could check out and see if they could help you)? Rather than just seeing the fence as a security measure, you could make it a part of the layout and design of your garden. One of the best ways to make the fencing stand out and give your small garden its own personality and appeal, that more than makes up for its modest dimensions, is by painting it in a vibrant colour. While you may not want to push the boat out too far, it doesn’t really matter which colour you choose, as a bit of colour around the perimeter will create an attractive border. Having Full Privacy Fencing might also help to keep the pests out of the garden.

Invest in New Paving

Does your small garden have a paved section or is it just all grass? If it is the latter rather than the former, you could change all that and give it new life by investing in some brand-new paving. A paved section can be used to make a smart, but also practical place for you to do things while you are in the garden.

Carefully Choose Plants and Flowers

With a smaller garden, the last thing you want to do is bombard the area with all of your favourite plants and flowers. It is much better to take a ‘less is more’ approach and choose a couple of flowers and plants that will become focal points at specific parts of the garden. That way a beautiful rose bush will not be forgotten about because it has to compete with several other striking plants. If you’re lucky you might be able to fit in a pergola from the range of affordable vinyl pergolas online – this way a rose bush can stand out even more as it has a based to climb up.

Get Serious About Weeds

While it is understandably harder to deal with weeds in a larger garden, if you have the odd one here and there, it doesn’t make too much of an impact. However, in a small-scale garden, even the smallest number of weeds can make it look unsightly and untidy. Fortunately, there are a wide selection of treatments available, and we have found the 10 best solutions that will help you get rid of those weeds.