How Instagram Changed the Modeling Scene for Good

For the longest time ever, modeling agents were known as the “bottom feeders” of the fashion industry. However, they have been grossly overlooked because they have been essential in the fashion industry.

They have facilitated new names to make their way into the tricky fashion industry. Having faced little competition for their services through the years, the evolution of technology has not really been great for their craft.

The old ways model scouts used to do business seems destined for the gutter. Instagram is nowadays all the rage because most people love selfies, are tech-savvy and love embracing trends. At present, Instagram safely resides at the apex of the fashion world. New talents in the modeling industry are no longer found in the streets of trendy city districts, instead, it is now found in the comment sections and hashtags of daily feeds. Some of these fashion influencers have also started using growth services to manage and grow their followers. While some of the top growth services like Growthoid and Nitreo can be trusted, others such as Famups (read Famups review by Earthweb) would require proper research before selecting them.

Scouting has now turned into a full-on digital practice. Instagram has been at the fore in creating the digital cookbook for aspirant models. According to Lolhit.Com, as a result, more brands and agencies now view the platform as one which offers more insights on not only a person’s appearance but also, their lifestyle.

Scouts can envision so much about one’s style and their compatibility with certain projects by having a quick overview of a couple of model pages. The #WLYG hashtag campaign was solely responsible for the signing of top models like Gizele Oliveira, Matthew Noszka, and Ben Nordberg.


Kevin Systrom, one of Instagram’s founders, believes that Instagram is all about converting, everyday scenes into fantastic moments captured in digital format. It has elements of magic too due to the numerous post-processing and photo-editing capabilities that come shipped with the platform. There are numerous other apps that offer retouching services, which is fast becoming a necessity in modern fashion photography circles. Things like blemish removal, teeth whitening, and skin smoothing have quickly gained acceptance as ideal practices.

The fact that Instagram has the ability to transcend global borders with ease makes it a fantastic platform for scouts to look for new talent. This means that more time is saved in flying around the world seeking fresh talent. The app is available in so many languages, thus, there is an impressive degree of possibility available.


Noah Shelley, one of the lead casting directors at Dazed and Confused now believes that street-based casting is now less tenable. This is because scouts can stumble upon loads of talent by simply spending some quality time reviewing a number of timelines instead of getting caught up in traffic and all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Big corporations in the fashion scene have also found the Instagram platform as an ideal location for them to flaunt their products. Sponsored Instagram posts and brand collaborations are now common on the site because the platform has great reach. Instagrammers get paid to promote products to their huge following, by using their image and online presence, they are able to promote an array of various products to the masses. It’s the next best thing in fashion.