How to conduct yourself in the casino

A casino visit is one of the things many of us look forward to. From the outside, your imagination is wowed by the glowing glass architecture brilliance while the tales of casino-made millionaires fill our hearts with optimism. Such optimism can be dampened in a matter of minutes (or even seconds!) however if one fails to properly acquaint himself with casino do’s and don’ts. As such, it’s imperative that before you make the switch from online casinos such as Netbet to the land-based casino, you learn casino etiquette.

Be considerate at all times

While casino tales often revolve around tough and ruthless players, it’s important not to bring that behavior to the casino. Acting macho or aggressive may offend other players, limiting the number of opponents and games available to you. Consideration extends beyond showcasing masculinity; it includes habits like smoking. Whether you’re a chain smoker or not, minimize the number of cigarettes you smoke at the table and avoid blowing smoke towards fellow players. The same applies to drinking—moderate your intake and avoid excessive consumption during gameplay. If you want to learn more about the casino environment and rules, you can consider reading this blog for top tips and casino faqs on how to play texas hold em poker.

Know the rules

There is nothing more embarrassing for you as a player than to show the whole world that you are a newbie in the casino. Once everyone knows that it’s your first time in the casino, you become the easy target to play against and defeat. Rather, carry yourself as do others including the pros. In order, to do this you need to have confidence, and confidence you can only find if you know the rules of the game/s you are playing. You can possibly gain this by playing the same games online, on sites similar to With this, you can know the technical terms of each game, know how chips work, when to touch your chips and when not to. Knowing all the rules of a casino game takes time but with the help of betting guides at different online casinos, you can teach yourself.

Remember to tip

Your casino visit can be worthwhile and unforgettable or miserable and forgettable depending on the relationship between you and the casino staff. The relationship between you and casino staff especially the waiters and dealers you will be dealing with for much of the time has one common denominator which is the tip. Fail to tip and you will get some grizzly stares. Generously tip and you will get wide smiles and a warm welcome on your next visit. There is no rule which spells out how you should tip but when you get that free drink, remember to thank the waiter with a $1+ and when you are leaving the table whether winning or not, just leave something for the croupier.