How to Create a Serene Backyard Oasis to Enjoy This Summer

Summer gives homeowners a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and their backyard to its fullest. With that said, all too often the backyard isn’t a serene getaway at all and doesn’t have a designated purpose. Unfortunately if that’s the case, the yard is underused and its full potential isn’t realized. So in order to get the very most of your backyard this summer, and turn it into a serene outdoor living space, here are some tips you can use.

Keep Up with Regular Lawn Maintenance

Even without all kinds of lush gardens, a deck, and outdoor furniture, you can make your backyard appealing and inviting simply by keeping up with the lawn maintenance. This means watering your lawn a couple of times a week, fertilizing and seeding as required, and keeping the grass clipped and neat. If you’re in need of external help with your lawn, why not check out the services of Trugreen to get your garden back to looking its best.

If you have a particularly big yard space then you may want to look into a garden tractor also known as a riding lawn mower. These will make quick and easy work of cutting the grass. If you opt for a garden tractor you’ll have the added convenience of extra power, which will allow you to add attachments to it. Check out these garden tractor reviews to help you learn more about the many models available.

Plant Easy-to-Care for Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

Most people don’t want to spend all their free-time in the garden pruning and clipping, which is why it’s a good idea to plan low maintenance plants, shrubs, and trees. They will still need some attention, such as watering and the occasional pruning, but in general these varieties can be planted and enjoyed without extra work.

Greenery helps to make the yard inviting and serene, providing more of a sense of nature in your yard. If you get flowering varieties it will also add color, interest and depth to your gardens.

Create an Inviting Place for Relaxing

No backyard oasis is complete without a serene place to sit and relax. That may include a dining table and chairs, benches, couches, or any other type of seating. You can make conversation areas complete with a fire pit, which will add the extra sense of coziness on cool spring and summer evenings.

Add to the Atmosphere with Relaxing Sounds

Part of feeling relaxed and at one with nature is the sounds that you hear. You can create your own calming sounds outdoors by installing a water feature such as a fountain and using wind chimes. If you happen to live on a busy street, this will also help to drown out the noise of the street.

Attract Birds and Wildlife to Your Yard

You can also work to attract birds and other wildlife such as chipmunks and squirrels to your yard. Hang bird feeders around your yard and be sure to use a variety of seed so you attract a wide range of species. Bird watching can be extremely calming and a fun activity for adults and kids to take part in.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

These tips will ensure that you’re able to make the absolute most of your outdoor space this year.