Simple Ways to Make Money as an Artist

If you are an artist the world has probably deemed you as unemployable. However, times are changing now; artists do not need to starve for the prevalence of their love for what they do. The shifting entertainment industry now highly recommends artists to take up the job of creating visually impactful content that transpires across the divisions of human life, and making money today with the internet to support you, is not that enormous a challenge anymore. Whether you are a graphic designer, a graphite artist, a cartoonist or even a doll painter, your art has a platform and that platform will pay you to do what you do best; create! Still confused about where to begin? Here are a few channels that can help you to earn as a budding or even as an established artist.


The epic world of freelancing has opened up a fantastic opportunity for artists who are in between the lines of following their passion and figuring out their true calling. There are thousands of small scale firms out there waiting to get hold of a creative mind and extort their brilliance. If you do not mind being extorted for a fairly good amount of money without the constraints of the nine to five jobs, this is probably the best deal for you. Freelance artists also get to experiment a lot. You can experiment with your styles, and watch your work take a practical form that can be utilized by industries. It also serves as a great exercise for you to develop your flow and your persistence.

Social media

If you have a creative mind and were born with a funny bone then why not utilize it to earn some money? Whether you are a veteran Rage Meme maker or a comic strip designer, you will find your audience online, and once you begin to get noticed there are thousands of ways to spread your wings, be it via merchandize, books, and online tutorial classes. This exposure will also help you get noticed by major creative and multimedia firms waiting to hire young potential to work for them. The kind of following you can get on social media is exponentially greater than what artists used to get in the past. It is a good time to be an artist now financially, so do not hold back. Put forth your content online and watch the world explode.


YouTube videos earn revenue, and you can literally create a video for anything. No matter what your style or type or way of art is, video shoot the process and put it on YouTube. The appreciation or even constructive criticism you will receive will be motivating. If you manage to get a substantial amount of views, you will get sponsorship from related companies. You can earn money from advertising agencies that look for cult creators online.

The potential to earn is infinite today and as an artist it has quadrupled. There is no limit to your skies so why shy away from trying?