The Expectation vs Reality of a Total Home Restoration

Many aspiring homeowners are tempted by the idea of a buying a ‘fixer-upper’ house at some stage in their home ownership journey; the chance to create something and take the empty husk of a decrepit house into something they can have ownership over.

However, in many cases, people do not realise the amount of work that goes into a large-scale renovation project; often there are hidden costs as the actual state of the property is not properly evaluated. Here are some of the possible issues you need to consider when you take on your project to get the best renovation possible.

Important Considerations

The phrase ‘prior planning prevents poor performance’ is very applicable to renovation projects. One aspect that is often overlooked or not worked through in enough depth is the financial aspect of the renovation. A top tip here is to slightly overestimate your calculations; this will give you a worst case scenario projection and will reduce the chance of you going over your budget.

The nature of your renovation is also of importance. You may be embarking on a purely cosmetic renovation, however you may also have some structural aspects that you wish to change. This will influence both the budget and timescale you wish to set. As most contractors will want to complete the renovation as quickly as possible, you can rest assured your maximum timescale will likely be achieved if you have given a realistic estimate.

The type of work you aim to have completed will also affect the degree of your own personal involvement. Whilst cosmetic work could be carried out by yourself during this renovation more structural tasks will have to be carried out by a qualified professional.

Common Mistakes

Many people make some mistakes when they embark on their restoration journey; believing that they can complete a large scale project in a purely ‘do it yourself’ fashion. Renovators will often make mistakes and this can be especially problematic in more structural builds.

Often contractors are contacted after the fact to fix home redevelopments gone wrong. Whilst getting involved in renovations can save you money it is always best to do it with the help of professionals to ensure you don’t put a foot wrong.

As stated previously many do not fully appreciate how much they will have to budget for a good quality renovation. This can lead to complications further down the line with contractors not being paid and budgets not being met. Being conservative with your estimations will help prevent any bad situations from arising.

Your Own Restoration

If you do embark on your own restoration make sure you follow these tips to ensure you do not have a bad experience. But be prepared for issues to crop up along the way; particularly with older houses.

The recent beech house restoration in Bristol is an expertly renovated Victorian property and is a great example to follow to recreate the modern Victorian style in your own home renovation.