Tips for a Cheap and Eco-Friendly Home Renovation

An eco-friendly home renovation doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Even if you do choose to implement some major changes, they will still bring you numerous benefits over the years, enabling you to recoup your initial investment. In addition, even simple green changes can go a long way in improving your home’s energy-efficiency, comfort and style.

Use VOC-free paint

When you think of a home renovation, repainting is the first thing that comes to mind. Whether you’ve decided to freshen up your interior or boost the appeal of your façade, you should follow one simple rule – go VOC-free. Regular paint contains high levels of toxic chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These toxins can be released into the air, affecting the environment and your family’s health. If you are worried about VOCs in your home then there are companies that specialize in VOC Testing in San Francisco, or wherever is local to you. Instead, you should go with a safe alternative that is completely odourless and acrylic. However, since VOC-free paint can be a bit more expensive, you can go with low-VOC paint, which is more affordable. Just make sure to let your indoor space air out before you move back in.

Install energy-saving lighting

Improving your lighting is one of the simplest changes that can help enhance your home’s energy efficiency significantly. Incandescent lights are increasingly being replaced with energy-saving solutions, such as LEDs or CFLs. These eco-friendly alternatives consume less energy and last longer, especially LEDs. Although LEDs are a bit more expensive, they will certainly recoup their initial cost because they will reduce your electricity bill and increase your savings in the long run. You can also use this opportunity to switch to eco-friendly lighting fixtures, as well. Aside from choosing green materials, you can also opt for vintage fixtures instead of new ones. Contact a team of electricians like Shocking Difference LLC to do this work for you if it’s something you aren’t comfortable doing. It’s always best to leave electrics to the experts if you’re not totally sure what you’re doing.

Improve your roof

A roof renovation is essential for improving the general condition of your home. If you notice that there are some missing shingles or holes in your roof, you should repair them as soon as possible with help from services found at Otherwise, these issues may cause more serious damage and let heat get through your roof. Solar heat gain can further increase your energy consumption because you’ll use your AC units more.
When repairing you roof, you can focus solely on damaged areas instead of doing complete reroofing. However, make sure to obtain all the necessary equipment, especially ladders that will ensure your safety. If you want to reduce your costs, you can rent sturdy and reliable scaffolding instead of buying new ones. This way, you can just return the equipment after you’ve completed your renovation.

Enhance your insulation

Your home’s insulation has a major effect on its energy efficiency and thermal comfort. If you invest in quality insulation, you’ll be able to reduce your energy consumption and increase your savings. You will create greater thermal comfort throughout your living space both during winter and summer. Afterwards, you won’t have to use your air conditioning as much and you’ll reduce heat loss and gain. However, it’s important that you insulate your home properly, including the attic, walls, areas around your doors and windows, etc. You can also choose eco-friendly insulation materials, such as sheep’s wool, green polyurethane spray foam, cotton, etc. Having good insulation in your home can perfectly complement your HVAC system to make heating your home as efficient as possible. Sites like can help you to install a new heating system or repair yours to make sure it is up to standard.

Recycle, repurpose and reinvent

You probably have a ton of items that you don’t really use lying around your house or in the attic. Instead of wasting your money on brand-new pieces, you should consider recycling and repurposing the old ones. This will be a far more affordable and eco-friendly solution that will also help you free up your space and reduce waste. You can also give your old elements a makeover – kitchen cabinets can easily get new appeal if you repaint them and change the hardware. You can also replace the doors on your closets, cabinets and other elements around your space.

Go with sustainable materials

If you’re planning to upgrade your floors, for instance, or add build a home extension, you should definitely buy sustainable materials. If you go with salvaged materials, not only will you protect the environment, but you’ll also save a considerable amount of money. Brick, roof shingles, wood and other materials can all be found pre-used, yet in excellent condition. If you do want to buy new materials, make sure that they’re responsibly sourced and sustainable. Recycled glass, recycled metal, sheep wool, bamboo and cork are just some of the options that you can use to create a sustainable home.

An eco-friendly home renovation is a valuable investment that will not only pay off, but also enhance your home’s comfort, boost its value and contribute to the environment preservation. In addition, there are plenty of simple renovation ideas that won’t cost you a lot, but that will still provide you with numerous benefits.