Tips on How to Use Abstract Stock Photos

Using Abstract Images in Printed Materials

When creating brochures and printed material, abstract stock photos can be used as borders to frame sections to highlight text or another image. Perhaps you need a unique design for a banner. There are special situations such as an image of a room with pictures on the walls, you can use abstracts to fill in the frames to create the illusion of different types of paintings. Or use an abstract image for wallpaper in a room, provided you have the ability to perform the task with photo editing software such as Photoshop.

Using Abstract Images for Product Designs

Abstracts have many uses for physical products. Textiles, home decor, even printed designs on water bottles. If you’re a manufacturer an abstract design can make your product stand out. Pillows, towels, t-shirts, abstract designs can be used to create one-of-a-kind fabric-based items.

Abstract Images for Backgrounds

Abstracts can also be used as background images. A simple image of rust can be printed on a sheet of paper to make it look aged and textured. Again, you may need some photo editing skills to achieve the desired effect. You can create effects such as parchment paper, antique stationary, and other types of looks. Other print-on-paper applications are party favors, greeting cards, and fun paper designs for writing letters to friends. No one writes letters anymore, a fun abstract printed on paper with a personal, hand-written text mailed to someone will surely make someone feel special.

Abstract Textures, Patterns, and Special Effects

Graphic designers can also use abstracts to create textures and special effects. Abstracts can be used as overlays or altered in a variety of ways. Even a close-up of the wrinkled skin of an elephant can be utilized in a multitude of applications with a skilled graphic designer.

Patterns also have utility uses such as already described above. Patterns are generally more standard and uniform and can be useful when the look you desire is more traditional. Patterns can still be very powerful in the hands of a good graphic designer.

An a vintage photograph. Clipping paths included. The image has been removed, leaving only the texture to allow the easy insertion of any photo using blending modes.

Abstract Images Get Attention

Lastly, abstracts can work well to grab the attention of the viewer. In the commercial world, making eyes stop and look at your material is how you get sales. Potential customers receive a barrage of constant advertisements and become numb to attempts to gain their attention. Unique, fun, thoughtful, or colorful designs that are new and refreshing can help create that sale by causing an individual to single out your brochure or web page.

Abstract designs can also be used for personal projects as a way to save money. Wedding, baby, and shower invitations can be created on your computer by purchasing abstract stock images. Online print sites make it easy and cost effective to print your own cards and stationery. Online stock agencies like have an inventory with hundreds of thousands of abstract images and concepts and by utilizing their search engine, you can browse for the images that are perfect for the task at hand.