3 Of our Favourite Bathroom Trends for 2021

2020 has been a year that has highlighted the importance of hygiene and cleanliness which has brought to light space in the home that enables us to remain hygienic and clean – yes, the bathroom. When you are building your house, you would have to call in an efficient plumber who lays proper pipes and install fixtures for you so that you can use the space to maintain your cleanliness. However, the bathroom in a home is so much more than a space to .clean. It is a space that can give you a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, and for a small amount of time, give us the break from our busy everyday routines and let ourselves unwind. We believe that the design of a bathroom should be a place where you feel at peace, and comfortable in order to assist you in finding the balance you need. So, take a deep breath, get yourself into the makeover zone, have a quick look at websites like bathtimemobility.co.uk, or go into your local remodeling/renovation store, and imagine what you could do to your sanctuary.

This year, we have noticed many trends in bathrooms and wanted to take the time to address some of our favourites!

Large Format Wall Tiles

Large wall tiles make a bathroom appear more luxurious and open, due to the lack of grout lines they give a sleek and smooth finish giving the feeling of a modern and contemporary space. With fewer grout lines, the tiles are easier to clean and remain to look fresh for longer periods of time. Additionally, you can choose to install shower trays (look at these wet room shower trays) as they can offer an extended showering space and can be easy to clean. It can also provide a waterproof surface for the tile to lay on.

Mood Lighting in Niches

Niches are a must in modern bathroom design, enabling you to store all of your essential items while maintaining a clean and clear floor space. Niches are a visually aesthetic way to lessen clutter from your shower or bath area, ensuring all your essentials are within reach and out of the way.  You can design and build the niche in a space that you have easy access to, at any height, shape, or width that works for your needs.

A simple yet effective way to add luxury to a bathroom is by adding mood lighting to niches. This then creates an ambient feel to enable you to relax and feel as though you are indulging in your own sense of comfort. Mood lighting is completely customisable to develop an individual accent, using different colours and materials from those present in the rest of the bathroom, turning niches into their own focal feature.

Wall Hung Vanities

In a time where property prices are ever-increasing, we are finding ourselves having to find comfort and solace in smaller properties. Due to this, many people are opting to purchase apartments or smaller homes in order to meet budgets. This does not mean that we are unable to enjoy contemporary designs.

When designing a bathroom, floor-based vanities can take up a lot of floor space, making the bathroom appear smaller in size. Wall hung vanities are raised from the floor. By raising the vanity, the light is then able to reflect through the floor space of the bathroom and due to the floor space being unoccupied, gives the illusion of an open space, giving the bathroom a larger, more polished appearance.  Wall hung vanities also ensure the bottom of your vanity will not rot due to unwanted excess water that may escape the shower or bath. It is easier to clean under and around the wall hung vanity to ensure a dry, clear, and open space.

The Take Away

2021 is the year of the bathroom! We look forward to watching these designs take shape and are always excited about new and upcoming design concepts. Not much of a DIY person? Trustworthy building companies like Dependabuild can help you turn your bathroom into your dream oasis.

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