3 tips on how you can keep your conservatory in top condition

A high-quality conservatory can add a lot to your home and provide you with a great place to enjoy the sun during the summer months.

Keeping your conservatory in good condition through regular maintenance and using the right products will save you time and money as it reduces the need for professional maintenance.

Here are some of our top tips on how you can keep your conservatory in the best possible condition.

  1. Clean the Windows Regularly

Keeping the windows of your conservatory clean will help to keep the general environment pleasant and give you the best possible chance of enjoying and spending time in your conservatory.

Good window maintenance is essential if your conservatory is in a shaded area as the dirt in the water will stain more than in a sunny part of the garden. 

Sometimes you will find yourself wiping a lot of condensation off your windows, particularly in the winter. This phenomenon is particularly true in newly built conservatories as they enter the ‘drying out’ period as the many litres used in their construction evaporates.  

  • Make sure the seals are kept sealed

The seals of your conservatories are very important they keep out moisture and keep your conservatory insulated during the winter. One of the key issues of conservatory ownership is getting your money’s worth out of it when the colder weather has settled in.

Using the right sealant product will help you to maintain the seal and reduce the need for professional assistance. Making sure your conservatory is insulated and coupling that with a good quality portable heater will keep your conservatory at the optimum temperature. 

  • When Cleaning the Roof Use Caution

Whilst it is advisable to seek professional assistance when cleaning the roof of your conservatory if it is a job you think you can do yourself, exercise caution.

Conservatory roofs are fitted with a special coating to try and keep the rain from penetrating. If you are too vigorous during its cleaning you may rub off the protective layer and do irreversible damage to your conservatory.

For this reason, it is advisable to use a non-abrasive cleaner with a gentle motion to ensure you do as little damage to your conservatories roof coating as possible.

Pressure washers may be great for your car however they can cause a lot of damage to your conservatory. The seals can be quite delicate and the high impact of a jet washer may save you some time but you will likely be left with a string of repairs needed on your conservatory.

Find a Great Supplier for your Conservatory

If you go with a reputable supplier for your conservatory you will be able to save on some of the headaches of keeping your new development up together. The experts at the Salisbury Glass Centre have a long track record of maintaining and installing quality conservatories with good insulation and energy ratings. Get in touch today to find the perfect conservatory for you.