A brief introduction to European Oak Timber

Sourcing the right timber that is local to your build is essential in keeping your carbon footprint low. With that in mind, many people are choosing to use European Oak Timber in their construction projects. This hardwood is versatile and attractive in its appearance if well maintained. 

Here is a brief look at the benefits and uses of European Oak Timber and if it would be good for your home. 

  1. Workability 

European Oak is a timber that varies in terms of wood density and workability. The milder forms of oak are good for machining and take both screws and nails fairly well. This makes it a popular choice for both carpenters and housebuilders. 

European Oak timber can be glued, stained polished and also takes treatment very well. Keep in mind that this is a very heavy wood and will be difficult to protect in the long term from damage. 

2. Appearance

The heartwood of European Oak is an attractive light colour which makes it a favourite for those looking to add some real timber furnishings to the interior of their home. It is also good for exterior cladding as the timber weathers well over time. 

3. Sustainability 

There are two factors as to why oak is good in terms of sustainability. It is widely replanted and also if you are based in the UK the environmental cost of haulage is far lesser than if it is transported from further afield. Additionally, the timber itself is very long-lasting which will reduce the need for replacements and refurbishments in the future. 

4. Versatility 

One of the key reasons why so many housebuilders prefer European Oak timber is the versatility it offers. It can be used for furniture, both small and large and a wide manner of external construction applications. Other uses of the timber include panelling joinery, veneers and decking. 

Where to find high-quality European Oak Timber  

European oak timber is good for a wide variety of applications in the home. However, the benefits of this timber in your home can only be realised if you get your product from a reputable supplier. 

Look for the FSC stamp of approval as this indicates sustainability and quality. Beyond that ensure your suppliers are well-reviewed online with a track record of delivering high-quality timber to customers.