Aesthetic Views in Novels and Other Forms of Art

The reason that some enjoy fantasy novels is for the sole reason that they transport you to another world. If there is a preference for fiction vs non-fiction, this is typically associated with the idea that if they wanted realism, they would read the newspaper. The world is such a tragic place, with issues such as poverty a daily concern, books are my way of escaping reality for a little while, a way of escape without needing a fortune to travel the world, a way to experience and “see” other places within the safety of your bedroom. For those that read to escape then why not be taken to a whole new world? Fantasy novels (preferably targeted toward young adults) tick all the necessary boxes. For instance, if a novel has an adventurous storyline and a dash of humour it tends to get a high rating. Another way to escape reality is by immersing yourself in a game, there are plenty of these at Novi Casino.

When it comes to the question of aesthetic value, yes, books should contain elements of beauty. Aesthetic value is the value with which an object possesses to evoke pleasure (positive value) or displeasure (negative value). The presence or absence of aesthetic value depends on the genre of the book and the reader’s reaction. A non-fiction book that retells historical events such as the casualties of war could elicit negative aesthetic value due to the content of the book and the reader’s negative feelings caused. The opposite could be achieved if the book had a happy ending and caused the reader to respond positively. For a book to be worth reading it needs to be able to elicit a response from the reader, it needs to be attractive to readers in order for them to want to finish it.

The aesthetic value (elements of beauty) could be within the elegant style of writing of the author or the way in which the story takes the reader on an adventure or in the reaction the text elicits from you whether it be one of sympathy, sadness, pleasure, content, and so on. Everyone has a different view on what can be considered beautiful, lovers of literature can find a number of things within a book aesthetically pleasing. A character could be described so perfectly that the reader can picture the character during the narration of the book. This draws the reader further into the story evoking their emotional response.

Readers also prefer graphic novels since it’s an art where the story is illustrated using words and images, making it more interesting and descriptive. These novels are a great way to present stories in all genres, be it romance and drama, action thriller, or fantasy. Graphic novels could be called Comics, Manga, Manhwa, and Manhua, all having distinct differences in the way they are illustrated. Two of the known comics are Marvel and DC, which have been adapted into various movies, web series, cartoons, and more. Whereas manga like The Second Male Lead is Actually a Girl series, Rengoku no Ashe, Attack on Titan, Slam Dunk, and Berserk could be a few well-known series out there, with vivid graphics, unique ways of storytelling, and fascinating tales.

Even non-fiction books contain elements of beauty in order to get the reader to enjoy the writings. The elements, though varied, are always present whether it be the diction used to evoke the reader’s pleasure (or displeasure) at the happenings the text is reporting on, the suspense or the figurative language used that makes the book not seem so factual and stiff.

Books do not have to contain a life lesson to teach wrong from right. They can simply be for entertainment and a way to exercise one’s imagination. Children’s books, however, do mostly contain a moral value or lesson, but again this does not always need to be the case, it is simply a common practice within the genre. The question of aesthetic value is one that can be applied to all forms of art. It’s all about the emotional response that the work elicits.