Best Practices For Keeping Your Furnace Safe

Winter makes your HVAC system a necessity. You can navigate to this website for everything HVAC related if you are in need of advice regarding your home temperature. But before you curl up in bed, you have to make sure that your furnace is in working condition just in time for the winter. Your furnace goes unused for months. Without maintenance, you will never know whether or not it is still working properly. Keeping your furnace in good condition requires proper maintenance. Whether you have floor models, wall models, central gravity models or central forced-air models, you have to keep your furnace well maintained for safety purposes. If anything goes wrong with it, you have to make sure you fix your furnace straight away to prevent further problems. Here are some simple ways you can get your furnace ready:

1. Ensure proper air flow

Keeping air flowing prevents your system from consuming the oxygen inside your home. It is unsafe to have low levels of oxygen and you will never know if your furnace promotes proper air flow unless an HVAC technician inspects it. If there are blocks to air flow, your furnace will have trouble heating all areas in your home. Due to uneven temperature, your furnace needs to work harder, causing you to increase your energy consumption. It is important that you clear obstructions and open floor registers. With this technique, heat will be evenly distributed. 

2. Keep yearly inspections up to date

Inspections prevent costly repairs. You will know if your furnace is still in good shape if you schedule yearly inspections. Your furnace should be inspected before winter so technicians can detect operational problems. Inspections do not only involve checking your system. Technicians will also clean your furnace to prevent breakdowns. While you can clean the unit yourself, professionals have the tools and skills to perform the job safely. By cleaning your furnace, you will have peace of mind as your system is safe to use. Accidents can happen if you are going to maintain the furnace yourself. Leaving the job to professional services like Stith Plumbing & HVAC or other similar firms can keep everyone in your home safe and sound. 

3. Set furnace rules

Children should stay away from the furnace for safety reasons. Be sure that you have furnace rules before using it to ensure that no one in your family gets injured. Children need to understand that playing around the furnace is not recommended. Rules should be clear. Your furnace contains grills which are very hot. It is important that you keep the area around your furnace restricted. Kids should have a separate place where they can play safely. 

4. Get rid of dust buildup

Your furnace can become less efficient due to dust buildup. With the use of vacuum, you can get rid of dust, which can be a fire hazard when ignored. Details on cleaning your furnace can be found in the maintenance instructions. If you are not sure about the proper cleaning techniques, calling a furnace repair Dallas professional will be a good idea. If you have wall furnaces, the inside of your burner compartments must also be cleaned. This area needs to be maintained once a month to prevent lint from building up. If you have a natural gas furnace, it should have a blue flame. Yellow or orange flames are indicators that your furnace needs cleaning. 

5. Keep flammable materials away

Make sure that the area around your furnace is free from any fire hazards like wood scraps, paper, sawdust, paint, paint thinners, old rags and gasoline. If you are using your furnace for more than one purpose, this room needs to be organized at all times. Any item that you leave in the room can be a potential fire hazard. If your furnace room is also your laundry room, do not hang clothes near your furnace equipment. Even cleaning solutions must be kept in airtight containers. 

6. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Prevent accidents by testing your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. Replace batteries on your alarms every year. It is also necessary to have your alarms tested as they are essential in warning you of a carbon monoxide poisoning or a fire. The maintenance period must also be scheduled before winter comes so you will be aware of any furnace glitches in time to call someone like out to come and do any necessary repair work. Place your alarms in your furnace room so you will be alerted immediately. Detectors are also essential and should be placed on each level of your home. 

These safety tips can keep your environment safe and warm especially for the holidays. The winter season will make you feel at ease if you have a safe and efficient furnace.