Best Ways To Preserve Your Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts are a beautiful way to make a gift for a loved one, upgrade a piece of old furniture, or spend some quality time with the kids especially if you have access to these simple quilt patterns. But, have you ever been rummaging through your bins and found something you made that once looked pretty and new, now looks shabby and is falling to bits?

It’s happened to us all. Instead of all that hard work going to waste we want to let you know some of the best ways to preserve your creations so that they last forever!

Frame Them

Whether it be a picture, something you’ve woven, or a collection of coins, you can put them in a frame. Visitors will love seeing all the artwork up on the wall, and the glass will protect it from almost any damage. And what 4 year old wouldn’t want to see their masterpiece framed and hung in pride of place at home? Turn your house into an art museum and show off your work.

Chemicals That Preserve

How do you make that gorgeous chair you painted or that metal sculpture your husband spent days creating last for years to come? Simple. For a chair or other painted piece of furniture you can varnish. Not only does it make it look shiny, it will make them last a lot longer.

For metals, the best technique out there is pickling and passivation. Now, you may need a professional for the latter, but the people at know what they’re doing and we highly recommend them.

Use an Art App

I’m sure you all have a smartphone full of apps. Some you may not even use. So make use of the technology and download an art app. There are some great apps for saving all your kids’ artwork in one place. And let’s face it, they bring a lot of it home.

Turn it Into a Book

How does it sound having all your art in one place  instead of hundreds of pieces of paper all over the place? Much tidier we hear you say! You can create a scrapbook, a photo album or even a portfolio of all your drawings, creations, and designs. It saves a lot of space and is easy to store meaning pieces won’t get lost, as they tend to.

Pass Them on Through the Family

We’re pretty sure you’ve received a garment of clothing knitted by granny. Or perhaps you love to sew and have some fashionable creations of your own. Instead of throwing it out once you’ve got bored of it, hand it off to a cousin, sister, or another family member. Don’t throw it out. Recycle!

Make the Most of Your Creativity

There are so many ways to save and preserve all of your arts and crafts that you will no longer need to throw them away. Create pieces and memories that will last a lifetime using our top tips or come up with some of your own.