Create Hair Accessories with Your Own Jewellery

It is always the season to get away with stepping up one’s style and going out of the comfort zone. The perfect way to do so is to indulge in experimental hairstyles. While this may seem a hard task to many, in actuality, it hardly is! By using jewellery that is lying in a closet, not being used, plenty of wonderful hair accessories can be created. Using rings, necklaces, earrings, anklets, etc., a lot of innovative and original hair accessories can be made. Here are a couple of the best applications of jewellery pieces that will certainly draw the attention of many.  

The Bun Bracelet Style

The messy-bun is another hairdo that is the seamless basis for a fashion enthusiast to add some jewellery. It is high time for girls to step up their bun game. Nowadays, who wouldn’t want to look and feel good about themselves by experimenting? Well, the solution lies in decorating the top-knot with a decorative cuff and some elastic beaded bracelets. Possibly you have some old bracelets lying around unused, or you might have bought some knotted ones or threaded ones (click for more info) recently, which you can put to good use for your hair.

Throw the hair into a high ponytail shape. It does not matter if the ponytail looks a bit messy. Wrap the ponytail around until the split ends can be slipped under and pinioned in unison.

Cuff bracelets are ideal for such a style since they have such an open shape. Lightly open the cuff round the top mid-point of the bun and softly pinch it shut. Place a decorated bangle against each side of the cuff bracelet and pin the top-end and bottom-end of the bun to fashion a semi-circular form on each side.

The outcome will be a shiny and customized top bun which will look glamorous when you have healthy hair. It will also be practical, allowing girls to be functional and fashionable at the same time.

Chain Necklet as a Hair Band

A great way to step up the hair band game is to use a chain necklet or a necklace to make it look effortless. Be it the Kinky Twist Hairstyle or a shoulder haircut, one great feature of these accessories is the fact that they are compatible with almost every type of hairstyle.

All that needs to be done is – find and place a marker on the centre part of the hair, partitioning it. Follow it up by lifting a few inches of hair from one side of the head. Initiate combing back the external strands some inches up from the hair chute. This hair chute will act as a bind for the chain necklet and the supporting bobby pins to hold on to.

Pull down the hair that has already been teased. Let the other portion of the hair to fall aside. Then cross-pin a set of bobby pins over the necklet to make sure that the necklet is kept in its place. Perform a cross-pin for every chain. The number of chains that are going to be used needs to be equal to the number of cross-pins. Then lay down the other left out portion of the hair over the bobby pins to cover them.

These accessories are lying in the room unused! Learning such tricks can be very advantageous to one’s expression of self through fashion.