Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

We all like to dream big when it comes to our ideal home. After all, it’s hard not to imagine what you would do with design, furniture and accessories with all the related shows, blogs and magazines available nowadays. But, do you feel that the financial aspect of it all stops you from creating something truly elegant yet personal? If the answer is yes, you may want to keep on reading. There are many design tricks and tips that can help you spruce up your home to make it look expensive in a completely cost-effective manner.

Go neutral on your base

This is one of the simplest tricks you can adopt when taking on your budget-friendly yet expensive-looking home design. In the end, it can all come down to what your base looks like. In that respect, the best choice you have is to go for a neutral color palette for your walls as well as some other details like curtains. Of course, you can always play with different neutral tones in order to create an effective contrast. However, don’t introduce any vibrant shades in this step. This is a great way to achieve the “effortless” elegant look, which you can further adjust and play with once everything else is done.

Minimalism adds luxury

You’ll never see an interior design showroom that labels cluttered space as elegant, expensive and/or luxurious. Minimalism has always been a trendy and tasteful way of decorating one’s home, regardless of your preferred decorating style. You can especially draw your inspiration from the Scandinavian décor style, since it’s heavily based on the minimalist approach to interior design. Essentially, the less stuff you have, the less of a mess there’s going to be. This is a trick that will always add an elegant and expensive feel, especially if you put some thought into the pieces you want to feature.

Know where to invest

Creating an expensive look on a budget means that you should save where you can but also invest wisely. After all, you shouldn’t try to get away with a cheap sofa or coffee table if you want to save money in the long run and enjoy both the comfort and the looks. Take your time, take a look at some high-quality sofas and choose the right one for yourself. If you happen to find some of the essential pieces such as a bed, table, etc. on a sale, and you find them to be of great quality, that’s truly lucky and amazing. However, don’t focus on saving money when it comes to the essence of your comfort like you should when it comes to accessories, for example.

Play with textures and sizes

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when decorating your home in an elegant, expensive-like fashion is how you pair your textures and objects, and the overall feel they create. Basically, different textures can add the necessary warmth to your neutral color palette. In that respect, feel free to experiment with cushion and sofa covers made of different materials. Also, don’t be afraid to pair them up with curtains and cozy floor rugs. Moreover, while you keep your layout minimal, you can always go for bolder, more intricate designs of the accessories you want to showcase. Different sizes can also add an unexpected balance for a more impactful stylishness.

Know your lights

In general, you can always count on the three main types of lighting – ambient, accent and task.  Ambient lights are your basic, overhead lights. Accent lights act as a highlight for other features while task lights are used for specific purposes. You can have fun with the lighting solutions in your living room, but remember that your kitchen has to be properly lit, while the lights in your bedroom should be softer and more subtle. When it comes to your bathroom, don’t use up too much space for lights. Recessed lighting is a great solution in this case.

You don’t have to pay a ton of money for something to look great and work even better in your home in order to create that expensive vibe. Remember, any home re-decor takes time, so don’t feel like you need to rush this process either. Make sure to check how everything looks after every little tweak you make.