Guest Room Decor Ideas

Incorporating custom elements into guest rooms is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up your space.

Why not give your guest room a fun and whimsical makeover for spring? Use Pinterest as inspiration and pick from these guest room decor ideas to inspire your own vision.

In fact, if you want to up the value of your property by some margin, then you can even design and build a cozy backyard guest house which you will be free to decorate as you wish!

This space could be set up exclusively for your guests, or you can even rent it out for a passive income. Curious? Go and find more about it. Especially if you’re a big fan of design and decor, this can be a perfect way to unleash that creativity of yours.

Minimalist Room Decor

All you need is a change in colour scheme, and you’ll have a fresh space to spend your vacation.

Large Point Of View

The size of this room creates the perfect landscape for an up-close-and-personal view of nature.

No Trees, No Forest

Go for a nature retreat. This room is intended to make you feel at one with nature and inspired by a tree house in the woods.

Lighter Colours

All of the main colours you see in this room are from shades of purple and blue, so the space will be a beautiful addition to any outdoor or space setting.

Paint A Room With A View

If you’re a fan of colour or think certain colours make a room feel cooler, take a look at this room’s neutral colours for an easy

• Get that strong, masculine statement you want in a room full of images and memories that stand the test of time with heavy heathered prints, corduroy fabrics, and smartly structured furniture. Bold flannels, tweed, and textures elevate this room from that of a kid’s bedroom to a room suited to a grown-up life.

• Build a mood that invites leisure. Recreating the rich feel of old books and wood-framed bedside tables adds life and comfort to a space that still benefits from the addition of tasselled curtains.

• An intimate setting can work well when the subject matter is a coffee-table book. Colour-blind buyers are quite easy to satisfy with just the right shade of coffee-table book cover art.


Lighting can brighten a room immensely, but it can also wreck it. Don’t be afraid to play around with different coloured lights, similar to the lights available at Neon Mama. A guest bedroom for grandchildren can be made much more exciting with blue, purple, red or even pink lighting, whilst a guest bedroom for siblings or parents can be improved with well-placed warm-white table lamps.

Soft Walls, Citrus Lighting, Easy Lighting.


After you’ve accumulated your frames, it’s time to put them together. Can you make wall hangings more interesting? You might have a beautiful collection of travel posters that you’ve bought over the years to remember every place you’ve visited. Sometimes it can be hard to find a place to hang them, but with some interesting frames, they can really pull a room together.

• Hang two different frames to create a larger frame and a smaller frame. Look for bold patterns or frames with beautiful artistic designs. The wooden frame makes it easier to create a more complex design.

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It’s enough of a challenge doing up one guest bedroom, especially if you’re perhaps going to be renting it out on a platform such as Air B&B or others, but what if you have more than one room to do up? Take cues from each and every new online casino you join. As much as the basics of online slots stay the same, each one has its own, unique set of distinguishing characteristics, most of which are highlighted through the appearance.

Do up each room slightly differently and view more rooms to do as more space to work with in the expression of your creativity.