How To Clean Your Windows In The Winter

Are you unsure of the cleaning protocol for your windows during the cold season?

In the winter months, we can be put off cleaning our windows due to the likely event of rain ruining our efforts nearly just after we’ve finished cleaning them

You may be wondering, “Is there a way I can keep them clean regarding the rain and weather?”

Well, there is.

Don’t Neglect Your Windows

Firstly, you need to be comfortable with the fact that your windows will need cleaning more often over the winter months.

Don’t neglect your windows, or they will become an eyesore and will become very tough to clean!

Also, if you don’t clean your windows frequently enough it will make them tougher to open and they could stick.

Wash them at the Right Time

It gets cold in winter, so take notice of the temperatures before washing your windows.

Pouring boiling water over frozen windows will, sure enough, have negative repercussions!

To help with this, try washing your windows with Luke-warm water so that the drastic heat difference does damage the glass.

Also, trying to wash your windows in the torrential rain may not be very beneficial, so wait for an appropriate time to clean your windows (cloudy or clear skies).

What to Wash Them With

You can use your regular window cleaning products in winter except if you’re worried about the solution freezing (if it’s super cold) you can add a windscreen solution to water and use this. These solutions are mostly designed not to freeze, otherwise they could damage your vehicle.

Make sure you dry the windows thoroughly after cleaning, to prevent them from freezing over and cracking or taking any damage.