How to make tissue paper roses

Roses are one of the world’s most beautiful flowers, and for centuries people have valued them. Flowers are delicate things and they do not last as long as you might want them to, so people have been making roses out of felt, cloth and paper for many years.

Here we will show you how to make tissue paper roses that you can enjoy for yourself, or give as a gift to your loved one. Once you know how to make these cute tissue paper roses, they are then very easy to recreate.

Things you will need to make your tissue paper roses

  • Printed tissue paper – 3 tissue papers with colours that go together
  • A pair of Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Green card
  • A Pencil

How to Make Tissue Paper Roses

Create the petals for your roses

To create your roses, you will make petals out of the tissue paper you have chosen. To save yourself cutting out individual petals each time, it is a good idea to make a template for your petals, which you can then use to cut out the tissue paper. You will need a template for a very small petal, a small petal, a medium sized petal and then a large petal.

Once you have made a template you can use for petals and have your 3 distinct printed tissue papers to make these flowers from, you can begin tracing the pattern for the petals onto the tissue papers and cut them out.

Make the stem and heart of your tissue paper rose

Cut out a rectangular piece of green paper and roll it into a straw by using a pencil, which leaves you with the stem of the rose. To hold the stem together, apply pva glue to the paper.

For the centre of your rose, you can take a strip of tissue paper and cut it to a shape that looks like a strip of villi. (look it up, but essentially it will look like a string of fingers).

Attach the centre of the rose to your stem

Put glue on the bottom of a strip of tissue paper and roll it around the green stem at one of the open ends.

Attach the small petals to the now attached centre of the rose

Now you get to the process of adding the petals to the rose. Start by attaching the smaller petals to the centre of the rose, glueing them on in a pattern that looks like a flower does blooming. 

Glue on the medium petals

Once you have finished adding the small petals to your rose, you can then progress to the medium sized petals. Remember that you want to create the pattern of a blooming flower as you are glueing on the petals.

Attach the largest petals

These will be the final layer of the rose, so make sure that as you are glueing the largest petals to the rose that you are doing so as neatly as possible. This will give the flower a nice finished look.

Finish off the rose with its leaves

To complete your delicate tissue paper rose, you can create leaves from the green card you used to make the stem of the rose. Once you have cut them out, you can carefully glue them to the stem.

Hopefully you have fun creating tissue paper roses for yourself or your loved ones!