How to make your garden the best on your street

Are you envious of your neighbours luscious-looking gardens? You may think that you’ll never get your garden to look like theirs, as you just simply do not have the time. However, all you need is a day or two, the help of a few friends, a shopping trip and some garden tools to help you make your garden stand out as one of the best in your area.

Consider these top tips which will help you transform your garden, with a few small changes that will make a massive difference.

Plan your plants

One of the most important things you need to consider when updating your garden is your plants. If you have wilting flowers or patchy grass, this will make your garden look worse for wear rather than garden-of-the-year worthy. To correct this, you should start by getting rid of any dead plants, and try to revitalise your grass by removing any dead grass and replacing it with fertiliser, watering it regularly.

Once the foundation of your garden is in place, you can start to plan out the type of plants you want. Consider purchasing plants like shrubs, which can act as a border, and you could also intertwine some of your favourite flowers within the shrubs to add some colour to your garden. Try not to go overboard with the flowers and stick to five or six different plants, so your plant decoration does not appear too overbearing. Speaking of decoration, why not get some discount house flags to help make your garden look even more beautiful? There are many different designs to choose from so check them out!

Add a seating area

If you’re planning to entertain guests at a barbeque or simply just want to relax in your garden in the warmer months, you will definitely need an adequate seating area. You could try to recreate the cosy feel of your living room in your outdoor space, by purchasing a wicker style couch with comfy cushions. Another option could be to invest in lounge chairs, which are perfect for relaxing on your own, listening to music or reading a book while catching some rays.

To help you decide on the right furniture for your garden, you should take a look at the rooftop gardens featured in the apartments available at RW Invest. These are designed to create a communal feel for tenants to come together to relax, socialise or even spend some alone time while enjoying some spectacular views.

Expand your space

When searching for a home, everybody looks for a large garden, especially if they have children or enjoy hosting garden parties. Unfortunately, modern properties tend to have much smaller gardens due to the limited amount of land. More than likely, you won’t be able to expand your garden. Therefore, you could consider ways to create the illusion of space, which is a lot easier than you would think.

One of the best ways to create space is by using glass, which is the most effective material for reflecting light. If you have any wall space in your garden on a fence, for example, you could consider adding a mirror which will make even the gloomiest looking corner in your garden look more spacious and bright.