How to Maximize Your Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most hardworking and heavily used rooms in any home. It’s important to make your bathroom feel comfortable and functional, since you use it every day. If you don’t have a lot of space, there are plenty of things you can do to maximize the space you have. Here are a few tips on how you can maximize your bathroom:

Install a Corner Sink

Even the sleekest sink can disrupt the traffic flow in a very small bathroom. If you have very little space in your bathroom, putting the sink in the corner could help free up some space and open up the flow in your bathroom. You can find some very sleek, minimalist and easy to install wall mounted sinks on

Badeloft’s sinks and tubs are made from high quality stone resin, a lightweight yet very durable material. It is more affordable than natural stone, but offers the same elegantly refined look. A wall mounted sink is easy to install, and can help you save space depending on the placement. Of course, the plumbing plan for your bathroom may restrict you a bit when it comes to placement, so be sure to look into this before installing.

Badeloft also makes beautiful standalone bathtubs in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you have the available space, a standalone tub would be a great addition to your bathroom, as it would increase the functionality while adding aesthetic value. Check out the Badeloft website for some great bath tub ideas.

Invest in Shelving

Strategically placed shelves are a small bathroom’s best friends. If you are working with a very limited space, it makes sense to make the most use of your available vertical space. Install narrow open shelves at around eye level to stash your most used items and products, and to avoid making your bathroom look smaller.

For deeper shelves or cabinets, install them higher up. This way, they will not disrupt the air flow in your bathroom and give it a cramped or crowded feel. If you can afford them, recessed shelving is another clever storage solution you can look into. You will need to hire a professional to do the job, and you will need to make sure to only add recessed shelves on walls made with drywall.

Replace Your Bathroom Door

A door that swings into a small bathroom can make the room feel even smaller and more cramped. You can reconfigure your door to swing outwards instead of inwards, or replace it completely with a sliding door. This simple trick can make a world of difference and open up even more space in your bathroom. When maximizing your bathroom, a little creativity and clever strategizing is required. Carefully study the space, and think about how you can maximize each area. Plan the layout of your bathroom in a way that makes sense and is most functional. Use creative storage solutions, and take advantage of all the vertical space you have. With these tips, you can easily maximize any bathroom and turn it into your favorite room in your house.