How to use your garden outside of summer

Summer is nearly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean the doors to your garden have to be closed. There are so many great ways to use your garden outside of the summer, it is just designing and investing in the right garden gear!

Why is the summer only dedicated to BBQ’s, alfresco dining and embracing the outdoors? Learn how to use your garden outside of summer with some of our tips!

Outdoor Shelter 

Shelters are perfect for all forms of weather. Even during the summer, a gazebo or a pergola is a great way to escape the peak sun or light breeze in the evening. Having a fully roofed garden structure that houses your furniture (seating/dining area) enables you to enjoy the outdoors even when there is a spot of rain or wind. 

Situate the structure in the corner of the garden to gain privacy and not allow the weather to have too much of an impact. Depending on the size of the garden shelter you choose, there is nothing stopping you to have a cosy seating area and a hot tub too! Imagine going out in the garden to relax in the hot tub and enjoy a bit of alfresco dining for the evening.

Side screens or panels are perfect for later on in the year, especially when it does get colder. Having those sidewalls will help keep the space warmer and block out any horrible weather. Add a small outdoor heater or fire pit to stay warm whilst relaxing or hosting.

Garden Room 

Everyone loves the summer because it means you can spend the majority of the time out in the garden. That doesn’t have to be put on a halt as soon as the season comes to an end, especially with an outdoor room. Yes, a garden room, a space to expand living and even working space. 

Log cabins make the perfect cosy outdoor snug, pub, office, crafts room – the only limitation is your imagination! Outside of summer, there is no better way to make use of the garden than with a garden room, essentially you are ‘outside, inside’! The feeling of being ‘out out’ without having to leave your house has been conquered with a log cabin or garden office. Host some of the best parties all year round, or simply enjoy unwinding in the garden without a seasonal timescale on it. 


This tip is definitely the most boring one out of the three, however, it is a very practical one! Gardens offer so much space, and can easily be split into different areas to ensure you make the most of it. Adding a garden shed means you can declutter inside the house and gain some space for more furnishing. Investing in an outdoor storage space is perfect for all gardening goods and tools, but can accommodate keeping other belongings safe and secure too.  

Garden rooms and storage sheds can be combined too! Enjoy a year-round space to relax and lounge, as well as a storage shed that you can attach to the garden building. 

These are just a handful of ways on how to use your garden outside of the summer months. Gardens offer much more than what meets the eye, it is just knowing what is out there. Turn the garden into a space no different to a room inside your home, and embrace the beauty of it all-year-round!