Is it time to update or upgrade your conservatory?

Conservatories were previously only used for special occasions and were definitely a statement of wealth and high-culture. Now they are very popular and you’ll see many houses with them. They look amazing in gardens with composite decking, leading from the door out in to the garden, the perfect garden party setup. They’re also no longer only used for special occasions nor are they bitterly cold even during the summer evenings – or they shouldn’t be anyway.

If your conservatory is rather old, it may show signs of needing some replenishment such as constant cold, draught, structural damage, mould and many more. A lot of conservatories built as little as 10 years ago won’t be fit for use today.

If you have a UPVC structure built at most 30 years ago, there may be something you can do to save it.

Extremes in Temperature

If your conservatory is always too hot or too cold you can easily solve this by replacing the windows with new double glazed panels.

Double glazing helps keep the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You will then be able to enjoy your conservatory at all times of the year.


Thermal Efficiency

It can be hard to improve the look of your conservatory when thermal efficiency is a key factor at hand. Replacing old outdated doors could land you an increased figure on your energy bills. To help avoid the issue of thermal efficiency, consider replacing the roof of your conservatory.

Salisbury Glass has a living roof which essentially is a roof with windows in it. This helps your conservatory blend in to the rest of your home as well as letting as much light into the lovely little extension room of yours.


In a lot of cases it would be beneficial to replace the whole conservatory altogether and opt for a well-designed, structurally intact conservatory or extension to your home. To discuss you options, get in touch with Salisbury Glass professionals today to discuss what the best route is for you.