Pot-plant gardening ideas for city-dwellers

First, take the time to gather the seeds for two of your most treasured backyard assets: tomatoes and herbs. You can plant the tomatoes in pots of coffee filters or milk cartons with holes punched through for the beans to grow through. Check out http://www.bugman.com/tomato.html for ideas. Or get a whole row of tomato plants set up in a wooden crate by using two boxes, a wooden rack or a big gallon ice cream bucket. Then pour in some peat moss or lawn fertiliser and dig a hole to plant the whole row.

For the herbs, I generally start in the flower bed with a few leafy herbs and go from there. While they’re easy to grow in the garden, you’ll need to divide and share if you take them to your city apartment.

To get started, just grow the herbs until the foliage looks full and attractive. Then carefully dig the whole plant out of the soil and remove the leaves. Repeat this process with each herb until all the flowers and leaves are gone. Take your time getting it right.

Be careful not to pinch or peel the leaves when digging the herbs out. This will prevent them from growing better in the future. Then plant them in a sunny area.

For the basil, get four 6-inch pots filled with your own homegrown soil. Fill the pots with your own basil seeds, being sure to mix in a little fertiliser. After planting the seeds, gently cover the plants with a mound of soil about an inch or two higher than the tops of the pots. Do not rake the soil over the herbs, as this will soften and loosen it. Leave the herbs to mature for about six weeks, then dig up all the herbs and divide them.

You can store your basil seeds for up to a year if kept dry. With organic tomatoes, use a large kettle and keep the tomato pulp together. Cut the tomato into little slices or wedges and place in the kettle with about an inch of water. Put the kettle on a counter, not in direct sunlight. Later, take the tomatoes to a cold, dry area of your apartment or apartment building. Leave them to dry and peel away any excess skin. Then store in a canning jar, sealing them up tightly. Save seeds from one of the tomatoes you’ve already peeled, to start new batches later.

If you have any specific gardening questions or want to add a gardening page to your web profile, get in touch.

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