Preventative Measures To Deter Pests Away From Your Home

Have you ever had insects, bugs and other pests descend upon your home? Instead of waiting to take action to defend your home, why not go on the defence before these pesky creatures decide to make it theirs too? You can do quite a few different things to eliminate what pests find appealing, which should reduce the chances of them every entering your home. 

Most people would resort to professional help like companies from Pest Authority of Birmingham, or similar others to get rid of pesky pests out of their house. However, there are precautions you could take too! During this short but insightful article, we are going to tell you how to prevent spiders and wasps from entering your home, how to watch out for fleas and highlight the importance of keeping your kitchen clean. 

Keep The Spiders and Wasps Away With Fragrant Smells

Most spiders in the UK are completely harmless to humans, but wasps are certainly the opposite. However, one thing that spiders and wasps really don’t like is strong scents, so if you are not keen on them, use a spray bottle infused with peppermint oil and mist it around your house, paying attention to doors and windows. Should you have any concerns about wasps, make sure you call your local wasp nest removal company who can advise you further. 

Watch Out For Fleas On Your Pet(s)

Cat and dog fleas are the most common household fleas, but birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs can also carry with blood-sucking bugs too. Unfortunately, fleas can jump from pets to humans, and the bites can be incredibly itchy and can sometimes lead to eczema and other skin conditions. This is why it is important to regularly treat your pets with specialist flea treatment that you can get from your local veterinarian. 

You should also make sure that you shake out and wash your pet’s bedding at least once a week and hoover any areas that they like to relax on. If you see any fleas on a carpet or piece of furniture, attempt to try it with a household flea spray but if that doesn’t work, call in the professionals soon as you can. 

Invest In a Powerful Hoover

Over the past 10 years, bugs and insects have become an increasingly bigger problem due to their hitchhiking nature. You can take them into your home without even knowing as they cling onto clothing, and once they are in, they can be tough to get rid of. They can hide out anywhere in your home, including cracks in the walls, furniture, beds and along the skirting boards. But keeping areas clean by hoovering on a regular basis can be a way of making your home rather unsettling for the little critters.

Block Up Any Holes or Crevices

All sorts of bugs and insects will hide out in dark gaps during the daytime and then enter your home at night. Prevent their night-time adventures by blocking up any holes or crevices around your house, paying close attention to doors, windows and where electrical wires and pipes enter from the outside. Contact services similar to World Class Wildlife Removal to get all the crevices and holes in your house patched up and don’t forget, a thorough inspection of the house for any eggs or babies of the little pests! 

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Nobody likes a dirty kitchen or a dirty home at all! But, keeping your kitchen as clean and sparkly as possible is the key to avoiding a pest infestation problem. Most bugs and insects will get tempted to enter your home if you leave food debris all over your kitchen sides. This is an easy meal for them. Make sure you wipe your kitchen sides down on a regular basis, clean up any leftover food, including any uneaten pet food to prevent them from being unwanted visitors. 

Call in The Experts!

If you have tried all of the tips and are worried about a pest infestation, it could be a good idea to call in a local firm, like who can inspect your property to put your mind at rest. They will be able to give you further tips on how to secure your home and what to do if your home is compromised by any type of insect or bug.