Storage secrets to brighten up your home

A brighter, more functional living space is something many people aspire to. Your home is your sanctuary and place of relaxation while bonding with your family in comfort. A cluttered environment can easily disrupt and intrude on your space. Let the light in and allow freshness into your home using these tips.

You don’t need to own a huge home to create a sense of space – keep the design simple and be selective with your décor. By following these storage secrets you’ll be able to brighten up and open up your home:

  • Rearrange your furniture

When last did you move your furniture around for a fresh look? It’s important to plan your space before you start moving couches or beds around. Focus on spaces around the windows that will give the best natural light and brightness, thus avoid placing any bulky furniture in front of the windows. Keeping those spaces clear will make your home airy and cheerful. 

  • Think up and open shelves

Have you ever noticed how much space there is above your head? Focus on producing a vertical effect as this draw’s ones attention upwards. This way, you’ll be able to open up floor space and also get the chance to display some of your favourite possessions while storing extra items at the same time.

  • Simplify with built-in storage

Your home may already be fully furnished, however by making use of multifunctional furniture can be an ideal solution for opening up space in the home. Be creative, as built-in storage can turn a cluttered and overwhelmed room into one which is spacious.  

  • Leave empty spaces

White space is a great way to open up the home and attract natural brightness. The illusion of an empty space can create an interesting feature within the home.  Embrace any open space and avoid adding furniture for sake of filling an empty space, rather leave it clear and let the space be visibly peaceful.

  • Invest in self storage

Many of your belongings cannot be stored at home because there is simply no space. These items may include seasonal clothing, sentimental items or hobby gear. Self storage facilities are an incredibly convenient way to safely store your belongings off premises and free up space within your home. The accessibility, affordability and flexibility of self storage is a huge advantage, with a number of different sized units to choose from. Self storage, if a reputable company is chosen, can be a safe extension of the home.