The best ways to utilise teak furniture

When you are building the perfect garden for your new home finding the right additions for the outdoor space in the form of furniture, plants, and decor, like some small table lamps for example, is a very important first step. If you do not think carefully about the type of furniture and decor that you are going to using you run the risk of it not matching the overall look of the garden. This can be an issue, particularly if you are planning on spending a lot of time outside in the summer.

Teak furniture is becoming increasingly popular as a form of premium outdoor furniture that can add a touch of class to your outdoor lifestyle. Whilst it has a lot of benefits many do not use the furniture in the correct way. Here we show you how to best utilise your teak furniture so that you get the most value out of it.

  1. Keep your teak furniture covered in the rain

When utilising your teak furniture you may be tempted to leave it out in the rain during the more stormy months of the year. Whilst the teak will not become overly damaged excessive weathering can take its toll over time. We recommend keeping teak furniture inside (think sheds and garages) or at least under covers to ensure it is kept in the best possible condition.

  1. Match your teak furniture with any planters you have

Planters are a great way to get some more greenery in your garden if you are not blessed with a huge amount of soil. If you are buying teak furniture for your seating area, getting some teak planters to go alongside any other purchases you make will help to maintain the aesthetics of your garden. Teak planters are also very sturdy which will come in handy with larger plants and trees/bushes.

  1. Use your teak furniture on the patio

When it comes to teak furniture the premium quality it provides means the legs can become damp and excessively weathered when they are placed on the grass. To make sure you properly utilise the teak furniture we recommend placing it on patios. Not only will this stop it from getting muddy it will also complete the look of your patio space. Installing one of those Edmonton patio covers could also enhance the aesthetics of your entire home while protecting the furniture from the sun.

  1. Treat your teak furniture to maintain the original look

When utilising teak furniture if you are not fond of the weathered look it is important to treat it with the correct varnish. This will help maintain the original look of the wood whilst also applying a nice finish. Have a look online to find out what the correct treatment is for your teak type to ensure you get the correct look.

Make sure you look after your new furniture

Whilst teak is a durable timber that makes some hardy furniture you must ensure you apply the proper treatment and care. This will help you properly utilise your new purchase and get lots of use out of them well into the future.