Three Reasons to Choose Gloss Wall Tiles for Your Bathroom

Wall tiles are a popular choice for modern bathrooms. After all, they protect against moisture, come in a range of colours, are easy to clean, and can be had without paying the world. Beyond colour, size, shape, and pattern, wall tiles are available in a number of finishes. For example, you will probably be asked to choose between gloss tiles and matte.

It’s a question of how much the tiles were polished. Gloss tiles are polished extensively to create a mirror-like sheen, while matte tiles are polished a little less to retain some texture. Both options come with their own benefits, but gloss tiles are generally preferred for bathroom walls, and here are just three reasons why.

  1. Easy to Clean & Easy to Repair

One of the benefits of bathroom wall tiles is easy cleaning. By opting for a gloss tile, you double down on that benefit. Gloss tiles are extremely smooth, so you can wipe them down easily. In contrast, matt tiles are slightly textured, so you really need to give them a good scrub to prevent staining and mould growth. Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom – make the process easier by opting for gloss tiles.

What’s more?

Bathroom wall tiles are relatively easy to repair. Individual tiles can be replaced using tools like a grout saw and chisel without the need to remove the entire wall surface. The space is then prepared for a new tile, and adhesive is applied to secure it in place. Once the new tile is set, grout is applied to fill the gaps. This process allows for targeted repairs, saving time and cost compared to replacing entire wall coverings. A provider of home repair services in Royal Oak or other locations can help assist with carrying out this task.

  1. Modern Appearance

Nobody would deny that matte tiles can look fantastic. However, they tend to be used in conjunction with more traditional or rustic styles — that could be a look you’re going for in the bathroom. Usually, the vast majority of homes are fitted with modern bathrooms that make use of gloss wall tiles, such as those at They offer an unparalleled shine that contributes to the minimalist appearance you may be desiring.

  1. Reflects Light

Some people are blessed with positively palatial bathrooms, but that’s quite the rarity, especially in newer homes. Most of the time, the bathroom will be quite small, but you can make it seem lighter and larger by fitting gloss tiles across the walls. They’re smooth enough to create a slightly reflective surface, so they’ll make your space seem larger than it really is.