Top 3 reasons for choosing teak garden furniture

Teak is a species of wood which is often a firm favourite for outdoor applications such as decking, boat/yacht construction, and outdoor furniture.

Teak is a beautiful timber species and is most commonly used to create stunning garden furniture. We’ve outlined some of the reasons why people love teak garden furniture. Take a look below!

Why choose teak for garden furniture?

  • Long-Lasting and durable

Teak is a brilliantly hardy timber species, that is water-resistant and strong. The durability of teak makes it ideal for both public use in public gardens and parks, but also within private gardens.

Teak is a hardwood which is rich in naturally occurring oils and rubber, and these oils make it resistant to the elements, insects, and rot. These factors are why teak very quickly became one of the most popular choices for garden furniture from the 50’s onwards.

  • Low Maintenance

Teak can be left outside uncovered and untreated all year round, and usually only requires occasional cleaning with warm soapy water. As mentioned, it is not recommended that you use teak oil, but there are water-based products available to help protect the preferred wood colour, or to apply a barrier for protection against food stains and fungi growth.

There are also stronger cleaning products available if it has been some time since your teak was cleaned, or if you wish to try and remove some of a product that has been applied. It is worth noting that if you begin treating/oiling the wood, you will normally need to continue this annually to replenish the product that you have applied.

  • Beautiful and timeless

Teak garden furniture is not only durable and easy to maintain, but it is also a beautiful species of timber. Teak furniture starts off a lovely golden honey colour which, if left untreated, will gradually weather to an elegant silver-grey patina. Should you want to treat it, you can use a sealant which will retain the original colour. Teak has ageless beauty and style, and you can choose furniture in a variety of design styles from traditional to contemporary. Regardless of the design you choose, you can be confident that the furniture will age well and be a stunning addition to your outside space.

Teak is arguably the best wood to use for garden furniture thanks to its strength as mentioned above. It is a wood that will stay with your family throughout the generation and look stunning whilst doing so!