What Kind Of Aluminum Letters Can You Use?

Metal letters look beautiful, whether you are using them indoors or outdoors. They can bring shine and add brightness to any dull room and give your space that ‘state of the art’ look as well. Aluminum letters are the perfect choice for you in this case. All you have to do is find the type of letters that suit your design the best. Here are some choices that you can select from.

Natural satin

If you are looking for a bright and shiny letter that has the look of stainless steel but the finish of muslin cloth, you need to choose this variety. They have a lighter weight, but their sheen is better than most other types. These letters also have a vertical grain which is perfect for reflecting light. Whether you want to use them outdoors to make the name of your company shine bright or use it indoors for lighting up a darker room, they work their magic really well. They are best suited for facades and urban designs and do not tarnish or rust.

Painted aluminum

If you like aluminum letters that come in a large variety of color options, then opt for painted aluminum letters. You can get these letters in almost any color that you want. The letters are usually double coated for which helps in keeping the paint look awesome for years to come. Though they are mostly available in a satin finish, you could ask for gloss or matte finish as well.

Polished aluminum

These letters have a beautiful mirror-like finish and are perfect for indoor use. They are our best choice for brightening up a dull room, especially the one that has dark colored furniture or walls. It works equally well in shaded or outdoor areas as well. Because of the mirror or chrome-like finishing, these letters demand more upkeep than usual, but the result is usually worth it.

Powder coated aluminum

This variety is good for people who are looking for colorful metallic letters. The finish is usually baked and not as shiny as the natural satin variety. You can even choose a variety of metallic shades in this option. Depending on the quality of the coating, you could get a light shine or a heavy matte finishing on these letters.

Anodized aluminum

If you want extremely strong metal letters, then anodized letters should be your first choice. They have a natural metal finishing, which makes them look authentic and bright, sans the frills. They are the most effective letter types to use outdoors as they stay protected from the elements, thanks to their anodized layers. Some manufacturers can also provide you polished finishes. The colors are usually metallic and black. For seaside spaces, this is the only possible type of letters to use.

Cast aluminum

One of the most expensive on the lot, these letters don’t have a flat look like the others. Instead, they give a shaded, three-dimensional look that is quite attractive. They can be used indoors or outdoors. The number of choices is also good in colors and finishes. You can get the brushed natural satin or anodized finish. You can paint them in virtually any color you like. This is not all. They are very lightweight too.

Now that you know about your options, which style will you choose for your home? Let us know in the comments.