When Will We Have Large Scale 3-D Printing for Home Construction?

While 3-D printed houses are promising, they may take a long time before we see a large-scale impact. However, there are several significant benefits that make this technology really interesting. For example, 3-D printing is really a disruptive technology. Because of this, we might not have seen the full potential of 3-D printing just yet. As a result, the opportunities are quite vast.

One of the most important and obvious applications for 3-D printing technology is in housing. With 3-D printing, you can construct buildings from the ground up. This means you can adjust it to your specific needs. So if you want a room that faces the west, you can do it. If you want it to have a six-foot-deep wall all the way around, you can do it. You can do anything you want. For this reason, 3-D printing technology is a revolutionary solution to the affordable housing crisis. It’s one of the greatest trends in housing right now.

How It Works

3-D printing technology starts with pre-designed files that you can download from an online repository. You can download the files and create an installation right in your home. Then, you place the pre-designed material onto the printing platform and it instantly becomes a functioning 3-D-printed object. You simply pull out the printer’s wand, align it with the pre-designed object, and press the print button. The machine will produce what it was designed to make within a few minutes. You can take the printer apart and put it back together at any time in order to create new objects. 3-D printing can be applied to a wide range of materials including concrete, polystyrene, and more. As 3-D printing technology advances, it will allow us to customize nearly anything.

Open Source 3-D Printing

One of the best parts about 3-D printing technology is the possibility of it becoming free and open source. If something is made by a 3-D printing company, it can be copied and shared by anyone. This means anyone can take the company’s plans and create something similar. I could use Google to create an amazing, 3-D-printed wall, which I could then put on my front lawn for free. Anyone in the world would be able to copy the design, print it, and build their own wall for free. That’s a pretty huge step towards building an even more diverse and inclusive society.

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